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Picking the best bow sight.

Accuracy and aim are probably two of the most important things every hunter or shooter needs to possess.

To some, they may come naturally, but for a vast majority, they often need bow sights to improve them. Therefore, purchasing the best bow sight can make all the difference. With the emergence of numerous bow sights, ultimately settling for the best one can be a Herculean task.

Bow sights can significantly improve one’s precision at hitting targets mobile or not from any range.

Benefits of picking the best bow sight

It can improve your alignment and aim. It can be quite difficult to hit targets at a distance. While hitting nearby targets can be relatively easy, and you may not need a bow sight, you often need it for goals that are far.

The best bow sight can help you line up precise shots of distant targets.

It can help you to focus on a target accurately. Large peep sights may not allow you to focus on a goal at range sufficiently. Therefore, missing your shot is a real possibility. Similarly, smaller peep sights can reduce not only your field of vision but also the amount of light reaching your eye.

However, with the best bow sight, the possibility of missing can be reduced significantly while your image is enhanced.

It may save you a considerable amount of money. Accurately hitting targets will save you arrows, bolts and continually having to replace broken tips.

It may make your hunting a bit more challenging. Continuously missing your target can suck the fun out of the shooting and make it frustrating. Bow sights can help you hit targets hence enjoy the hunting experience.

Bow sights may also help the hunter to be more humane when killing the target. They support the hunter to make accurate and precise shots the first time they shoot that mostly kills the animal.

This is a more humane way to down a target than merely injuring them with the first shot. This can not only make the animal suffer, but it may also result in the hunter losing the goal. This can be considered cruel.

How to choose the best bow sight

Improving the experience while using bows can be rewarding for a bow hunter or a tournament shooter.

With the wide varieties available, comparing them before settling for one is key to ensuring you end with the right one.

The primary considerations you may examine them on are:

Type of bow sight

Numerous alternatives exist with each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A fixed pin sight may be the ideal choice if you often need to adjust and you need a reliable bow sight.

It may be suitable for hunters as upon changing the pins, and no additional adjustments are required out in the field. Moveable pin sights may be ideal for long range shooting while pendulum models may be ideal if you want to fire your bow at an angle.

Competition sights can be suitable for those in competitions as they can improve one’s accuracy and may be used with laser lights, scope points and with pins. They may also be modified for wind and elevation.

Effectiveness in low lighting conditions

Your environment can dictate the ideal bow sight for you. Fibre optics are made from plastic or glass and may be an excellent pick for low light situations.

Its cables are crafted such that they capture and release light making the pins glow hence helping to line up your sight. Similarly, sight lights can be a convenient feature for those in low light environments.

Sight lights can make seeing pins possible even in dark situations.

Ease of management and modification

The ideal choice of bow sight could be the one you can adjust quickly to meet your requirements.

If you often need to modify to compensate for elevation or wind, then a bow sight with gang adjustment may suit you. Gang adjustment allows you to alter all the pins concurrently.

It's features

The features of the bow sight you pick out to be ideal for the environment you are shooting in. Quite often, one you can adjust quickly and can be ideal when you are hunting in the woods as it will not make you miss a killing shot.

Essential sights are often designed to last and be reliable. These are important considerations before heading out to the field.

Some pins

Some factors can dictate the right number of pins in a bow sight for you. One’s preference may depend on if they are going to shoot at the gaps between pins. Some may prefer one pin to aim either above or below it depending on their target’s distance.

Meanwhile, other shooters may prefer having up to six pins to guarantee they are aiming at a pin directly for every ten or five-yard increase. The ideal number for you depends on your surrounding and your preferences.

Other aspects worth noting may vary

Bow sights that are made from machined aluminium may often be durable and lightweight. Those made from plastics may not be as sturdy as you may need one to be. There are also those made from a combination of both aluminium and plastic.

Universal sights may allow you to use either hand. If you want one that favours your stronger side, then you can choose one specifically designed to be used comfortably by either a left-handed or right-handed user.

The 5 best bow sights on the market today Review's

1. Field Logic IQ 5

Field Logic IQ 5

Field Logic IQ 5 is a recent addition to the IQ Bowsights, and it offers Retina Lock Technology which gives spontaneous feedback on any change in anchor point or torque. It is available in 5, 7 and three pin variation and it was made with lightweight fibre polymer and is lighter than previous versions of IQ Bowsights.

It has micro adjustment knobs which can allow quick and straightforward modification to cater for changes in your elevation or wind. Its dual position mounting can enable you to mount for any of your preferred shooting styles.

This bow sight can significantly add to your effective shooting range by more than 20 yards. Its pins come in the middle and are sufficient to improve your precision at hitting targets.

It is ideal for archers that want to run their targets from distances under 60 yards.

  • It has Retina Lock Technology which controls your muscle memory, consistency and form hence allowing you to shoot targets relatively far with tighter groups. The technology also gives spontaneous feedback to slight variation in anchor point or torque.
  • It has micro adjust knobs that may permit quick and straightforward modifications to cater for changes in wind and elevation without necessarily requiring any tool.
  • It comes with 0.019 fibre optics pins which may allow you to see through your scope even when the surrounding is dark.
  • It has a built-in sight level which can help you know if you are targeting your target straight ahead or parallel to the ground. This also enables you to make consistent shots as you will know the slightest angle change.
  • It allows dual position mount which gives you the flexibility to mount it such that it matches your shooting style.
  • It comes with modifications depending on the hand you use hence offers a choice for both right-handed or left-handed archers.

  • It is easy to carry.
  • It can function without batteries.
  • It has dual position mount.
  • Variations for shooters of either hand.
  • ​Adjustable pin positions.
  • Micro adjustment knobs help to lock down the target easily without needing any tool.
  • The casing can often crack.
  • Retina Lock Technology may be difficult to use by beginners.

2. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite is one of the best sellers when it comes to single pin adjustable bow sights that are on the market. It has some features that set it apart from most of the similar bow sights out there.

Its sight tapes may deliver unmatched performance for shooters and hunters. Set up between 20 to 60 yards from your target and find the sight tape ideal for you and you are ready to make your shot from twenty to eighty yards in about five-yard additions.

With this bow, you can adjust for wind or elevation without needing tools, and its fibre optics and sturdiness make it sturdy and dependable.

  • It comes with a relatively simple two distance calibration method which offers accuracy that can be vital in your shooting. It features the RSD technology which helps improve the efficiency of your shot.
  • It comes with a tool free adjustment which can be easy to modify for changes in wind or your elevation without requiring a tool.
  • It comes with a protected A.R.M.O.R Pin Technology which is indestructible, and the aluminium pin guard covers its fibre optic. This helps you hit your target regardless of where you are shooting from. The aluminium pin guard is indestructible.

  • It is easy and quick to modify its pins for an accurate and precise shot.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It can be ideal for environments with low lighting conditions.
  • It is relatively strong.
  • ​It is easy to set it up, and you can mount it on a vast majority of compound bows.
  • It requires the shooter to manually modify it when there is a change in distance between the shooter and the target which might not be convenient when you have limited time to make the shot.
  • It may not be a viable alternative for those that prefer a multiple pins set up.

3. Axel 5 Pin .019 Fiber Armortech HD Hunting Sight

Axel 5 Pin .019 Fiber Armortech HD Hunting Sight

This bow sight can be an excellent choice when teaching a young person using the traditional style bow how to shoot. It entertains them as it has additional features like balloons that are added to the target hence offering gratification on hitting them.

It has Armor Fiber Technology which gives full protection to the fibres that cover the pins.

  • The Armor Fiber Technology offers maximum protection to the fibres.
  • It has a pivot lock which is made to prevent the sight pin from getting loose due to unwarranted vibrations.
  • It comes with a two-inch housing for optimal view of the target.
  • It has True Center Vision (T.C.V.) an ideal circular image even when you view off centre.
  • It comes with a windage knob that has 20-clicks-per-revolution modification.

  • It has full maximum protection to its fibres through inside tubings.
  • It is quite precise due to the Harmonic Damper.
  • It has an Excel AV-41 scope.
  • It permits all axis levelling.
  • ​It comes with a single pin versatility. It has speed with multiple pin reference.
  • It has micro-adjustable windage that has a lock button.
  • It is sturdy and rugged even for the worst environments.
  • It may be quite expensive

4. Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Pin Bow Sight bow sight may have all the features you need to ensure that your shooting is accurate and precise. It is light, has the correct components, great lock down features and bright fibre optics that could significantly improve your shot.

  • It has reversible sight mounting that may allow you to use with either hand.
  • They are easily customization hence you can adjust them to suit your shooting style.
  • Its pins are easily replaceable in the field. Accordingly, you can change them and quickly and still make your killing shot.
  • It is constructed using aluminium which makes it light and durable.
  • They come with .029 fibre optics cable which makes them ideal even in dark environments.

  • It is comfortable and convenient to use in the field.
  • It may be ideal for shooting with any shooting style.
  • It is durable and comes in a versatile design.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • It may not be a good pick for all situations as it is not made with light. You may opt to add a sight light at a fee.

5. TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight

TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight

This TruGlo Carbon XS bow sight is relatively compact and extremely light as it is made from carbon composite materials.

The material also offers it enhanced durability and strength. It has fibre optic pins which make it very bright hence can be used in low light environments. It has a reversible bracket for shooters of either hand, a sight level and a shooters ring that glows in the dark.

Its aperture has an inner diameter of 1.8, and it has a relatively large, circular field of view.

  • Made from lightweight carbon composite materials which make it relatively light at 3.5 oz and durable.
  • It has a micro pushbutton light and TRU-FLO fibre design which make it ideal for use in some environments.
  • It offers a relatively large field of view which helps enlarge the area seen by the archer.
  • It has a reversible bracket which makes it easy to adjust vertically. This also makes it easy for use by both left-handed and right-handed archers.
  • It comes with a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring which helps align peep sight and enhance your vision in darker environments.

  • Adjusting it depending on your needs is easy.
  • It comes with a very versatile design.
  • It makes shooting from both short and long ranges easy.
  • It is very light
  • ​It is very durable.
  • It can be a little tricky to modify it to compensate for differences between 40 and 30-yard shots which may significantly affect the accuracy of a chance.

Upon reviewing these five products, my recommendation that may be worth considering is the Field Logic IQ 5. The compound bow sight comes with the unique technology which improves not only your aim but also your firing abilities.

The Retina Lock Technology accurately avails relevant feedback on consistency and form. It also helps to stabilise your muscle movements which may lower your inaccuracies and lack of precision when hitting nearby targets and those that are distant.

Once you have mastered the technology, then you may be headed for an arching experience like never before.

It is carefully crafted for use by people using either hand and is relatively easy to mount. Modifying the sight is relatively easy. It has five pins which makes it convenient for you to use when weighing up targets depending on their distance.

The pins allow you to hit close or far targets consistently with high precision. The bolts can be adjusted to let you make horizontal and vertical shots. Its IQ dot makes it relatively easy to centre a shot before releasing the string.

Additionally, its bright light makes it an ideal pick for those arching in environments with low lighting conditions. The fibre optics make it suitable for use in the evening or early mornings when there is no sufficient light.

The pins also come in different colours hence no confusion over the position of the target. The built-in sight levelling technology helps the archer to precisely and consistently hit the mark. It may be ideal for hunting, sporting competitions or just for leisure.


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