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What are the Best Arrows for Hunting reviews

A good hunting arrow can unleash the full power of your bow. The arrow you choose needs to be straight, stiff and of the right length. These characteristics ensure that the arrow maintains the right projection as it leaves your bow. Great arrows include but not limited to the following:

Why should you Invest in the Right Hunting Arrow?

A great arrow can make a huge difference when it comes to accuracy. When the arrow leaves the string, the force of propulsion ceases due to frictional drag.

Frictional drag has a larger effect on lighter arrows than heavy ones. Consequently, a heavy arrow has a slow deceleration rate. This means that a heavy arrow will hit the target at nearly the same speed at which it left the bow.

A good arrow factors in all these mechanics to provide the best results in both long and short-range targets.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Arrow


When looking for a hunting arrow, you need to consider the speed and the momentum of the arrow. These aspects are determined by weight.

There are always controversies in bow hunting, especially when comparing the effectiveness of a heavy and slower arrow with a light and fast arrow. Considering the law of physics, heavier arrows are likely to penetrate more than lighter ones. You can check out some of the physics behind arrows here: []. Light arrows may be fast but do not deliver the desired punch because of their low momentum. Therefore, when hunting at close range, a heavy arrow is applicable. For long distance hunting, you might want to consider a medium-weight arrow that delivers both momentum and speed. []. A hunting arrow should weigh 400 grams or greater.

The Design


Aluminum arrows were invented in the 1940’s. They are preferred today because they are cheap and easy to craft. In addition to that, they are quite sturdy as compared to their predecessor wood. Arrows made of aluminum materials have remarkable rebounding capabilities. They are less affected by humidity or wind. Their straight shaft can easily fly through the air with minimum resistance from friction.


Carbon has also been used for quite some time in arrow making. Initially, carbon shafts were made thin thus were susceptible to breakage. However, the ones made today have addressed their predecessors’ weaknesses.

Carbon arrows are wrapped or weaved with tough material to avoid splintering. They also have great momentum and straight flight. Carbon as a material is strong and durable, and so are the arrows made from it.


Today, some arrows are made from aluminum and carbon materials. These hybrid arrows are light, fast and have a remarkable energy transference. Their shaft is made with carbon and is then coated with aluminum.

If you want pricier arrows with better performance, then the hybrids might be a good option.

Draw Weight

When scouting for a good arrow, you must consider its draw weight. A comfortable draw weight is instrumental for a perfect shot. If you choose the right weight, you will be able to fire up to 25 shots comfortably. However, if you choose the wrong weight, your hands will start straining at the 9th shot.

The Arrow Spine

The spine has a tremendous impact on your shooting accuracy. It is the static measure of the deflection of the arrow’s shaft when it is shot. The spine is calculated by measuring the number of inches the shaft bends when suspended. The figure is then multiplied by 1000.

Shafts with a more pronounced bend tend to deflect more. Therefore, they should be used with lower weight bows. On the other hand, rigid or static spines are recommended for weighty bows. Manufacturers will always indicate the various spine measurements of each arrow for easy comparison.

The Diameter

The diameter of an arrow’s shaft plays a role in determining the flight projection. Thicker shafts have a larger surface area, which exposes them to more wind drift. Thinner arrows, on the other hand, suffer minor drift. Therefore, if you shoot a thick arrow in a windy field, it is likely to veer off its intended projection. The result would be a lousy shot. However, you must be careful with thinner arrows because they break easily. They may also bend on impact.


Arrow length determines the flight of the arrow. Shorter arrows have lesser flight as compared to the longer ones. Besides that, shorter arrows pose a great danger to the shooter. Since the arrow is parallel to your line of sight, you might over draw the arrow driving it right into your bow hand. Make sure your arrow length goes beyond the bow rest by at least an inch.


Fletching describes the pronounced parabolic structures on the back of the arrow. They are meant to provide stability when the arrow is in flight. Conventional fletching are made of feathers because they are light and readily available. However, they may not be a good choice since feather is not weather proof. The popular fletching used today are the vanes. They come in either 2- or 4-inch lengths.

The Front-of-Center (FOC)

The FOC of an arrow determines the accuracy of the arrow with respect to distance. It determines the balance position of the arrow which in turn has a huge impact on the arrow’s trajectory curve. High FOC results in better stability in flight. However, it causes a shed in the trajectory of the arrow. Lower FOC, on the other hand, results in a better trajectory but causes an erratic flight. For hunting purposes, a trajectory of 10 to 15% will provide sufficient accuracy at great distance.


A properly-flying broadhead is an essential factor to consider in bow hunting. Compact broadheads, both mechanical and fixed-blade types, are recommended for perfect aerodynamics. They can also boost the arrow weight and increase the impact power.

You can watch this video for extra tips on choosing a great hunting arrow

Addressing your Shooting Needs

When looking for hunting arrows, you need to consider the penetration and the balance of the arrow. If you want the best penetration, you should use a heavier arrow. It is recommended that you choose 8-10 grains per pound of draw weight. For long distance targets, a thin and heavy arrow should be the go-to ammunition. It provides sufficient tolerance to wind drift as well as more momentum causing deeper penetration.

5 Best Carbon Hunting Arrows Reviews

We have taken a look at the best carbon arrows that is currently on the market and have chosen 5 top arrows for your consideration.

1. Easton XX75 6MM FMJ

Easton XX75 6MM FMJ

Easton FMJ 6MM is a retro version of the 70’s and 90’s XX75 Aluminum arrows. It comes in aesthetic autumn orange shafts. Easton FMJ 6mm is a hybrid arrow type with copper at the core of its shaft and a full metal coating of Aluminum on the outside. These characteristics give it the right weight and speed required for a hunting arrow. Easton features a 6mm diameter for maximum penetration.

The 7075 aerospace aluminum jacket provides the arrow with optimum speed and impeccable precision. The aluminum jacket on the arrow makes it quite easy to pull out of the target.

Another desirable attribute of the Easton is its resistance to air friction. Its aluminum-carbon composition delivers sufficient momentum to ensure a pass-through impact when it hits the target. When hunting with an Easton arrow, the shot target will leave a pronounced blood trail that allows for easy tracking. This aspect is particularly useful when hunting huge and tough game animals.

The carbon-fiber core of the Easton provides it with a unique sturdiness and durability. It also offers great flight, thanks to its factory-straight design. Besides that, the weight is mechanically matched with its spine to ensure a perfect departure from the bow when shot. Consequently, its static spine prevents it from bending on impact. The Easton FMJ 6mm comes in three affordable spine dimensions – 320, 390 and 470.

Easton arrow is extremely straight offering a margin of error of +-0.003 inches. These limited edition arrows also come with additional ST RPS inserts and 6mm nocks. Their weight ranges between 320 and 470.

  • It is easy to pull off the prey
  • Each arrow comes with functional inserts and nocks
  • Arrows have uniform spine thanks to the ring technology from Easton
  • It is premium-fletched for maximum flight
  • ​It delivers outstanding accuracy due to the straight shaft alignment
  • It bends easily due to the aluminum finish
  • They are expensive due to their hybrid nature

2.Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie


The Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie is a high-end hunting arrow that offers aggressive performance. The arrow comes in a factory four-fletch configuration implying that it is extremely fast and provides remarkable accuracy. The Four Fletched design together with its low-profile vanes provide just the right surface area for optimum clearance and speed. It also has a low back-end stability and quick stabilization to deliver straight projection shots. Its group size shrinking goes from 20 to 75% allowing you to use various boreheads.

The Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie is wholly made of pure carbon. This gives it a durability that you can count on. Since carbon is lightweight, the arrow gets maximum propulsion from the string to reach unmatched top speeds. Another desirable attribute of the Gold Tip is the outstanding straightness. Velocity Valkyrie has an inner diameter measurement of 0.246 inches. This is thin enough to deliver maximum penetration without compromising its structural integrity.

Velocity Valkyrie is designed to provide five spine variations – 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600. Such a variety allows you to use it with numerous bow set ups depending on your hunting style. The Valkyrie is a great ammunition for field archers who hunt in windy conditions. The arrow has an unmatched straightness tolerance of +- 0.006 inches. In addition to that, its +-0.5 grain weight variation provides the best performance when shooting long distance targets.

This might be the right arrow if you are looking for desirable features matched with performance. The Valkyrie comes with additional features too. Upon purchase, you get the Accu-lite nock, the Accu-lite inserts with 300-400 spines, and the small Accu-lite inserts featuring 500-600 spine variations.

  • The pure carbon build is very durable
  • It provides better penetration as compared to aluminum arrows
  • It is constructed for tighter tolerance
  • Has a low back-end drag
  • ​It stabilizes faster
  • May suffer splinters upon impact due to its stiff nature
  • Comes with a rather square/blunt tip
  • Can be hard to pull out of the target with some boreheads

3. Victory Archery VAP Elite

Victory Archery VAP Elite

The Victory Archery arrows are renowned for their tight tolerance. The TKO Elite is a new arrow installment in the VAP Low Torque category. It is made of 100 percent carbon, which provides an astounding straightness tolerance of +-0.0001. It also brags of new aesthetics that complement its performance on the field.

The VAP TKO Elite is made using the MaxxKe Technology. MaxxKE is a proprietary innovation from Victor Archery which uses a 45-degree carbon weave to produce unique shaft structures. Arrows made from these shafts are structurally strong and have a tremendous penetrating power. The carbon weave minimizes the spinning force of the arrow as it gains speed. Lesser spin reduces the effect of frictional drag on the arrow.

TKO Elite carbon has a thin shaft with a micro-diameter of 0.166 inches. The micro-diameter aspect improves the penetrating power of the arrow. It also reduces the effect of wind drift. Victory Archery arrows also have standard Aluminum Shok Inserts. They are built from 7075 hard-anodized aluminum material which gives them a weight of 35 grains. When fitted onto the TKO Elite, the Inserts stabilize the trajectory and flight of the arrow by moderating its FOC. However, if you prefer a high Front-of-Center, you can pick the 95-grain 303 Shok Inserts.

The arrow is fitted with a Nano Ceramic ICE coating for maximum penetration. This feature also allows you to pull it out of the target easily.

  • It provides impeccable tolerance to wind drift
  • It has one of the highest straightness ratings which translates to better shot accuracy
  • Has quick shaft recovery for superior flight
  • ICE coating amplifies its penetration
  • The arrow's thin diameter makes it susceptible to breakage
  • The reduced spinning force lessens flight duration

4. Carbon Express Mayhem

Carbon Express Mayhem

The Carbon Express Mayhem belongs to the standard-priced hunting arrows category. They provide top performance at a low price (high value for money). Carbon Express has integrated their trademarked Dual Spine Weight Forward tech into their new Mayhem DS to offer exceptional hunting performance. In this technology, the company uses two different carbon materials to design an arrow with two spines. This is meant to provide better energy transference as well as quicker arrow recovery.

Dual-spine technology in the Mayhem DS makes the arrow spin 20% earlier than ordinary arrows. It, therefore, retains speed for longer and delivers a remarkable broadhead accuracy. You might find these features extremely useful in bowhunting. The arrow package comes with Revolutionary Launchpad nocks upon purchase. These are meant to deliver precision and consistent arrow departure. The Quad Raptor vanes on the arrow facilitate the steering of the broadhead to deliver better flight.

The front section of the Mayhem’s shaft is coated with Buff Tuff. This material is regarded as one of the quietest and hardest carbon-arrow finishes in the market. Therefore, the Mayhem is quite durable and will not splinter as it hits the target. Carbon Express Company has a strict policy regarding arrow straightness. The Mayhem DS arrows are laser checked to deliver a straightness tolerance of less than 0.0035 inches.

The Mayhem DS also comes in other trims such as the Maxima Red SD and All Red SD. The Maxima red option uses a Red Zone technology that controls the dynamic spine. It also has a narrow diameter to reduce wind drift and optimize penetration. The All Red trim comes in a package containing 12 weight-matched arrows. They also have a bulldog shaft covering for protection against weather elements.

  • Moderately priced
  • Offers an extremely quiet flight - applicable for stealth hunting
  • Features a tough carbon construction for longevity
  • Its energy transference is high enabling it to deliver high impact
  • ​Has a high straightness tolerance
  • Lacks some premium features such as free inserts and nocks
  • Its rigid nature makes it susceptible to breakage

5. Beman ICS White Out

Beman ICS White Out

The Breman ICS White Out hunting arrow is designed with a high-visibility camouflage finish for better visibility. When using the White Out, you can ascertain the accuracy of your shot by looking at its white trail as it approaches the target. The high visibility makes it easy to recover especially when it falls in a place with autumn leaves or critter. In addition to that, you can determine the type of your shot by checking the blood markings on the arrows white surface.

The White Out’s shaft is made of carbon material. It is, therefore, very durable and provides the perfect balance for a steady flight. The arrow’s lightweight carbon structure delivers high velocities for a deeper penetration. Its carbon bolts provide a multi-laminate construction which is robust enough for field use. When you shoot the White Out across an open field, you can easily track its projection as it advances towards the target.

The Breman ICS White Out is also straightness-checked and weight-matched to improve its precision. The straightness factor ranges between -.003 and +0.003 inches. Consequently, its weight tolerance lies within +-2 grains. The package comes with Talon, half-moon, and flat-back nocks that guarantee better arrow departure. For easier extraction from the target, the arrows are fitted with machine-crafted aluminum inserts.

  • It delivers exceptional visibility for easy shot characterization and arrow recovery
  • It is consistent, accurate, and fast
  • It is friendly-priced but still performs great
  • It delivers straight flight
  • The nocks come off easily and can be a safety hazard
  • It is brittle hence breaks easily as compared to premium priced arrows

These are some of the great hunting arrows that provide reliable performance with different bow types. On this list, the Easton XX75 takes the lead. Easton is a hybrid arrow with both carbon and aluminum on its shaft structure. It, therefore, has the best features of the two materials. Consequently, it is reasonably priced considering its performance.

Therefore, it can be a good choice if you are looking for a classic arrow with premium features.


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