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5 Best Crossbow Broadheads for the Money – 2018 Reviews and Tips

There are so many choices of crossbow broadheads available on the market that makes the decision of finding the right one overwhelming. Hunting or shooting with crossbows requires the best broadheads there are on the market. The following is a buyer’s guide and a review of five of the best crossbow broadheads for you.

Things to Look for When Buying a Crossbow Broadhead

There are several features one needs to consider before buying the best crossbow broadheads. Some heads lack in strength, accuracy and even the durability, which will eventually cost you more than if you had chosen the best in the first place. Therefore, here are things to look for:

1. Type of Crossbow Broadhead

Not all crossbow heads are the same. They are categorized into various types that are important to consider when choosing one for a particular purpose. Broadheads come in three main types:

  • Mechanical Broadheads – They are sometimes the most expensive with premium quality materials. They create the best blood trails during a hunt. Also referred to as expandable broadheads, they retract before they are shot, and upon impact, the retracted blades deploy to expose the sharp edges designed to do the damage. This expansion causes more damage and faster kills. They fly true and steady and because of the small tip they are equipped with and their streamlined nature. Among the most durable crossbow heads, mechanical broadheads are the most durable. While shopping for this type of broadhead, it is important to keep in mind that they work best with bows that require the most kinetic energy.
  • Fixed Blade Broadheads – These broadheads are popular with traditional bows. The blades are fixed and cannot be possibly moved. They are typically broad, and most feature screw-in types of ferules that are compatible with adaptors set on the arrow shafts.
  • Removable Blade Broadheads – They are probably the best choice you should get as they are versatile and will allow you to replace blades when they are damaged.

2. What Is It Made of?

This is by far one of the most important factors in buying a crossbow head because it determines how long it will last and how sharp a blade can get. Broadheads are made from materials like stainless steel or aluminum, sometimes a combination of the two. Some of the best heads on the market are made from carbon steel. They make the sharpest broadheads on the market, but are faced with some disadvantages. Carbon steel is susceptible to degrading and rusting.

When hunting, for instance, you are only as good as your crossbow head. You shouldn’t buy products that will easily bend or break on impact. Not only will you have to replace them continuously, but you will lose your target since the blades won’t do sufficient damage.

3. How Much Does It Weigh?

A crossbow’s head significantly affects the distance one gets from a shot as well as the hole of the impact. Choosing a light broadhead will give you the best range, but the damage on the target will be small. During a hunt, this might not be the best choice as they make small wound channels and leave less blood trails. Heavy broadheads require the most kinetic energy as the range will be considerably reduced. However, because they are large, they leave a severe damage and a blood trail easy enough for you to follow in a game.

4. Large or small?

Apart from the weight of the crossbow head, the size is another important consideration. It makes a difference in how much force one needs to eject it for optimal and powerful impacts. A small size head that has a compact design is versatile and will work efficiently with low-speed bows. They are also ideal for building maximum energy for deep penetration into targets. Big blades are heavy, require more sturdy crossbows and create massive cuts.

Size is also important when one is shooting through a mesh in a game hunt. Small diameter broadheads are the best for this purpose.

5. What About the Cost?

The price of the broadhead matters as it often tells about its quality. Some might be expensive because of the way they have been engineered with high-end pieces of metal and the customizability they offer. There are also excellent cheap crossbow heads out there that one could buy. However, they might not turn out to be the best choice in relation to other expensive broadheads on the market. The decision, therefore, relies on you and how much you are willing to pay for the type of head you want.

6. Number of Blades

The number blades, like weight, also has an impact on the aerodynamics of the broadhead. Different crossbow broadheads have a varied number of blades. For example, mechanical heads have fewer blades if compared to the fixed type. This is one of the reasons why if you want more blades you should consider other types of broadheads. In a game hunt, the number of heads also matter, regarding the wound they inflict on the skin of an animal. Many blades often leave the best blood trails as compared to crossbow heads with fewer blades, thus making the number of blades a consideration for the cutting diameter.

Crossbow Broadheads Safety Guidelines

The best selling thing about a crossbow head is the sharpness. Unlike bullets, they are reusable for every task and in hunting, they cut through animals and get smeared by blood. As a result, risks of injuries from improper use are likely. To ensure that they serve their function and for safety, here are a few guidelines.

  • Whenever you are sharpening the broadheads, ensure that the tip or the sharp edges are not pointing towards your body or hands.
  • While tightening or maintaining the heads, make sure that you are using a wrench designed for the purpose to shelter the sharp blades. Without using a wrench, it takes only a small mistake for a serious injury to happen.
  • When going for a hunt, you should cover your broadheads as you transport them. The sharp edges are a menace every time you move your hunting gear from your home to the car or even from the car to the hunting spot. Injuries are likely to occur if the broadheads are visible.
  • Make sure that you find all the parts of the broadhead after every kill or awhile dressing an animal. All the components lost inside the animal will cause injury if one doesn’t practice caution.
  • On mechanical broadheads, always ensure that the blades are firmly fixed in place and are not loose. Tighten the screws immediately when you notice unsteadiness.

Crossbow Heads FAQs

What kind of head is compatible with my bow?

If you are using a traditional bow, a broadhead with good weight is your ideal choice. The bows utilize heavy draws to make up for the low velocity and to increase the impact force as well. Traditional bows should not be used with expandable broadheads.

Compound bows do best with broadheads, which require light draw weight bows. The best are cut-on-contact broadheads with two or three blades. Notably, these heads are compatible with crossbows with draw weights of around 30 to 50 pounds.

What is kinetic energy?

The kinetic energy of a broadhead or an arrow refers to the power it holds in its motion. Better penetration is achieved when the kinetic energy of a broadhead is high. It is important when one is hunting, especially at ranges that go beyond 20 yards.

Should I choose a three or four-blade broadhead?

Your personal preference will eventually determine your choice. However, four-blade heads have better balance and are the best for real flight trajectories. Three-blade broadheads tend to get unsteady and although they give the best distances, how you use them greatly matters. The large blades also create large entry wounds in hunting, but for the best damage, four-blades heads are ideal. They also create the best blood trail.

Which broadhead is the best for angled shots?

The mechanical broadheads are the best for various angled shots you are shooting from. There is no control on the point of impact when one is hitting a target, and this is the reason why mechanical ones are the best for game hunts.

Best Crossbow Broadhead 2018 Reviews

1. 510306 Rage Crossbow 2-Blade 100gr Broadhead

510306 Rage Crossbow 2-Blade 100gr Broadhead

The Rage Crossbow 2-Blade 100gr Broadhead suffices as a great tool for anyone looking to make hunting a hobby. The pack contains three blades made with precision. The blades have a high level of accuracy made possible by the Ferule Alignment Technology (FAT), which is an aerodynamic technology that makes sure the crossbow blades remain intact. FAT also steadies and guides the object in flight and increases the chance of hitting the target with accuracy, and without them, the broadhead would require more thrust energy for an ideal distance.

The Rage Crossbow Broadhead is also equipped with another technology, the shock collar. It is fitted with the blade to facilitate the sticking of the broadhead on the hit target. For example, during a hunt, the animal will find it impossible to rub it off on a tree. The tips are mechanical, and once they hit the target, they are bound to expand.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing the Rage Crossbow is that you will get a practice head. This is important for those who find it hard to start off with new heads. Plus, chances of blunting the actual blades while practicing are significantly reduced. The blade is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

  • The broadheads are precisely rounded and are ideal for beginners
  • Comes accompanied with a broadhead for practicing that makes training easy
  • Equipped with FAT technology that keeps the bolt steady regardless of the accuracy level
  • Sticks to the target and doesn’t fall off easily
  • ​The steadied bolt is the best choice for long ranges
  • Being mechanical, the blades require skillful maintenance
  • The blades have a bright color, which is a giveaway in hunting
  • Might not be the best choice for high-speed crossbows when one is not steady enough
  • Some testimonies cite poor finish

2. Excalibur Boltcutter SS 3 Blade

Excalibur Boltcutter SS 3 Blade

The Excalibur 150 Grain is an advanced crossbow head, which is a popular choice for hunters who prefer the fixed types. It has a high-end and durable design consisting of 3 blades meant for precision in target aiming. The build incorporates stainless steel material that meets the requirement of the standard high-quality crossbow products on the market, which is also the best for use with fast crossbows. This is one of the best-selling points of this product.

This crossbow head features a heavy tip, but with fast flights and incredible accuracy levels, thanks to the smaller design. Both the center and front balance of your crossbow is increased, enabling you to pull off the best and the deepest penetration while maintaining the necessary aim needed to get the target. The ability of the Excalibur Boltcutter to achieve high speeds is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Although it is significant in hitting the target, it leaves no blood trail during a hunt as it may pass through the target and leave a small wound channel.

The crossbow head, for its strength, makes the best blade for target practice. It will permit you to accurately shoot hard targets like wood without them getting damaged. The product is recommended for experienced hunters, or anyone capable of achieving the best levels of accuracy.

  • The stainless steel construction makes it highly durable and strong for various functions
  • Compatible with high-speed crossbows
  • The heavy and small design is the best for aerodynamics
  • The broadheads come pre-assembled
  • Not the best choice for those starting out on hunting
  • Doesn’t leave enough blood trail
  • Not ideal for long range shooting, the wind makes them fly off target as cited by some users
  • The heads have poor retention

3. G5 Outdoors T3 Broadhead

G5 Outdoors T3 Broadhead

A prime example of advanced mechanical crossbow heads is best seen in G5 Outdoors T3. It is solely built of stainless steel with replaceable blades ideal for multiple uses. The design is meant for high-speed crossbows, and although the make looks heavy, it achieves better flights and is capable of maintaining the desired damage.

The featured mechanical head is lightweight, and at 100 grains, the least kinetic energy is required for thrusting. G5 also allows for customization with its spider clips, which come in handy during expansion or deployment of secondary blades for fast flights, thus increasing wound channels as well as increasing the surface area hit. The retention time is also enhanced as a result.

The best feature about the G5 Outdoor T3 is its versatility. Its design includes a pass-through not only for crossbows, but other high-speed bows on the market as well. Unlike other broadheads hindered by the shooting mesh, this particular head has a diameter that simply goes through effortlessly. Nothing can go wrong with this type of product, considering the absence of O-rings or any rubber bands. All its blades are super sharp and capable of hitting and exiting the target, leaving enough blood trail.

The broadhead is ideal for professionals and dummies alike. During practice, you can remove the blades and practice with only the tip; you can fit practice blades or simply train with the actual blades.

  • Strong and durable steel make
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Spider clips are the best for retention
  • The blades are replaceable
  • ​Comes with replacement practice blades and spider clips as well
  • Users wish the blades didn’t get loose when removing from a quiver
  • There are other high-end broadheads for the same price

4. Grim Reaper Whitetail Special Razor Tip 3-Blade

Grim Reaper Whitetail Special Razor Tip 3-Blade

The Grim Reaper Whitetail is a mechanical crossbow head with an incredibly long range and accuracy. Its 100-grain razor-tipped head has the flight ability you want. The overall construction is meant for high-speed crossbows and the high kinetic-energy bow hobbyists. Equipped with three blades, the broadhead suffices in creating a serious blood trail during a hunt.

The heads have been designed with a large cutting diameter and have been streamlined for steadiness to ensure maximum impact. However, because of its size, other small-head models offer better penetration. The independent expandable nature of the blades make it ideal for retention on skins of whitetails.

This Whitetail Special offers two options of razor tips, the new Razorcut SS tip, and the original Razortip. The SS tips are super sharp and thick, but are longer than the other original tips. Although there is only a single choice, which is the 100-grain heads, you can either choose the stainless steel tip for maximum bone breaking power or the small, chiseled, razor blade tips for the same function. Whichever is the case, the blades are replaceable should they get damaged.

What makes this product stand out is the choice of the weight of the broadhead and the materials used in the construction. Both combine to give expert hunters the best experience ever.

  • Comes with Maxx-Edge SS sharpness technology for easy penetration
  • Provides a large diameter, which leaves a serious cut and blood trail
  • Replacement of blades is easy
  • For beginners in shooting, it comes with a practice head
  • ​Designed for high kinetic energy bows
  • The overall design feature some moving parts, which make it unstable at times
  • A few users are frustrated by the blades, which wouldn’t open on impact
  • When they hit a bone, the broadhead tends to bend

5. Swhacker 3 Pack 2-Inch Broadheads

Swhacker 3 Pack 2-Inch Broadheads

The Swhacker comes with a set 3 100 grain broadheads built from carbon steel to help ease on overall weight and the aluminum used for the ferule. This feature makes it one of the most durable head you could ever have. The head diameter is large enough to make wide cuts that leave perfect wound channels. When this is combined with the expandable and mechanical features, it creates better blood trails and possibly a kill if it hits vital organs.

The Swahacker broadheads offer hunters with two types of cutting edges, primary wing blades and the secondary, main blades. The primary wing blades are designed to slice through the skin of the animal and they come in handy in opening the broadhead. They are also way smaller than the other blades. Although theses blades are small, they bear the most load when the ferrule hits the impact. The second set of blades, which are the main blades, hardly touch anything on the initial stages of penetration. With the two sets of blades, one is always sure that the broadhead will deploy.

Perhaps what many will find as a disadvantage is the weight of the head. It is not the best weight when one considers its mechanical nature. They may not be the best choice for hard hits. Nonetheless, they are versatile and ideal for many.

  • The whole system consists of two sets of cutting edges for the desired damage
  • The blades are extra sharp to leave proper wound channels and blood trails
  • The carbon steel makes it long lasting
  • Comes with an instructional DVD to help you in training and mastering of shots
  • Although rarely, the blades sometimes fail to open
  • They tend to break or bend when they hit a hard bone


Having the best crossbow there is on the market is not sufficient if it can’t be complimented with an equally amazing broadhead. Choosing the best broadhead is the best for delivering the desired impact and the kill in a hunt. Therefore, the choice is as important as any other component that contributes to the process of shooting. You want your head to be incredibly sharp, highly durable, and to have the best levels of accuracy and precision needed for the purpose. The above review serves as a guide on what you should look for when choosing the best product on the market. If you are still in doubt, the 510306 Rage Crossbow 2-Blade Broadhead is what you should go with. It is versatile, comes with practice heads and is equipped with the best technologies for precision and accuracy. It also comes with steadied bolts for long ranges and has good retention on targets.


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