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Best Electronic Coyote Calls

If there is one thing that experienced hunters around the world will tell you, it is that predator calls make you a better hunter. However, due to increased use of game calls, prey like Coyotes have learned to recognize these sounds and how to avoid them. It is, therefore, important that you choose the best coyote call if you to improve your hunting effectiveness.

While it may seem like an impossible task, you can take heart in the fact there are plenty of coyote calls at your disposal. Many manufacturers spend hours designing and making realistic sounds that will keep Coyotes intrigued. But how do you narrow down the choices and identify what best suits your needs? In this post, we tell you which features to look for and review the five best coyote calls.


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Primos Alpha Dogg





Primos Dogg Catcher





How to choose coyote calls

Coyote calls are designed to mimic realistic animal voices and help lure your prey closer. There are many stories of newbie hunters who buy subpar calls and end up getting limited results. To avoid a similar experience, it’s always good to get the best game call. Below are a few factors to consider when on the market for a coyote call.

Types of coyote calls

Coyote calls are available in a variety of types, each of which is suitable for specific hunting styles. The evolution of technology has played a major role in the development of new coyote calls with features to increase your hunting effectiveness. Here’s a closer look at the two main types of coyote calls available on the market.

Electronic coyote calls

These are some of the most effective tools you can learn to master as a hunter. You can opt for rechargeable versions since they will keep your operating costs at a minimum. Perhaps the best thing about an electric coyote call is that you can set it in your kill zone and wait for the prey to approach. Also, it can make many sounds with a simple call. On the downside, electric coyote calls require batteries, are expensive to purchase and don’t always come with a volume control.

Mouth blown coyote calls

A mouth blown coyote call is a viable option for new hunters who don’t have much experience. It is a cost-effective solution, and its lightweight design makes it a good choice for those who are always on the move. The best thing about mouth blown coyote calls is that you don’t have to worry about water damage or replacing batteries. Unfortunately, they are prone for freezing up in cold water. Moreover, they offer limited sounds with each call and getting the sounds right requires some practice.

Size and dimensions

The size of a coyote call often depends on how many components the call has. Each component is essential to the actual making of a call. Many manufacturers have come up with innovations that allow them to pack many components into one unit while reducing its size. The size of a coyote call will certainly affect its weight and portability. While a rugged design can always guarantee longevity, it also means that you have to deal with the increased weight. You have to find the coyote call that provides a good balance between the features, weight, and size.

Battery life

If you choose to go with an electric coyote call, battery life is something you have to consider when making your purchase. You want to ensure that the battery lasts for as long as possible. The last thing you need is your electric call powering off in the middle of the woods. Keep in mind that not every battery type will deliver optimum performance while outdoors. Some electric calls come with rechargeable batteries while others have disposable batteries. Your choice comes down to what works best for your applications.


Of course, an electronic call needs to have an amplifier for the sound. The sound produced with a mouth call depends on how much you blow it, but that isn’t the case with an electric call. Having the right amplifier allows the call to reproduce the sound at a higher volume so that it can travel further.

Programmed sounds

The type of sounds programmed into a call will make the difference between succeeding and failing on your hunting trip. Manufacturers try their best to pack as many sounds as possible into one unit, and it is up to you to perfect your skill with the mouth. These sounds will play a vital role in luring Coyotes to your location. It’s also important to consider how realistic the sounds are if you want the best results. Some models allow you to add a few sounds to the call for more scenarios.


Another important factor when it comes to electronic calls is range. This refers to the distance that sound can travel. The range usually varies from a few feet to several hundred feet depending on the model. Consider buying the model with the longest range that your money can afford. Something with a minimum range of 100 yards will prove effective.

Coyote Calls Reviews

Our team has taken a look at the best Electronic Coyote call's that is currently on the market and have chosen five top calls for your consideration.

1: ICOtec GC300

ICOtec GC300

The ICOtec GC300 Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call comes with 12 pre-recorded sounds that will prove useful to any hunter. What makes these sounds popular among hunters is that they are approved by Wildlife Technologies. The sounds include distress calls from Coyotes, jackrabbits and raccoon as well as normal predator calls.

It is not unusual for wild animals to make a call at the same time. To fill this gap, the ICOtec GC300 allows you to make two simultaneous calls. This makes it easy to imitate a realistic wildlife environment. All of the sounds are preprogrammed into the buttons and as such, you cannot swap them out for sounds from external sounds.

Another thing we love about this game call is that when you place speakers in the wilderness, you can control them from a distance of up to 300 yards. The remote has 12 buttons for the sounds as well as two volume buttons and a stop button. You can utilize it to choose the preferred sounds from up to 300 yards away. The remote is light, easy to use and comes attached to the speaker with a strap.

The built-in speaker produces up to 120dB of sound, which is quite loud for humans. It is a powerful 15-watts speaker that will draw predators from far. The sounds play for about 30-40 seconds and allows for 20-30 seconds of silence between sounds. This speaker is approximately 3.5 inches wide and as such, quite portable.

  • 12dB speaker produces loud and crisp sounds
  • 300-yard remote control
  • Up to 12 sounds approved by Wildlife Technologies
  • Well timed sound and silence intervals
  • Adding sounds from an external source is impossible
  • One has to buy the batteries separately

2: FOXPRO Inferno Predator Call

FOXPRO Inferno

If you are on the market for an affordable predator call that offers portability, awesome volume and diverse features, consider purchasing the FOXPRO Inferno. This unit is backed by a 3-year warranty and at 1.5lbs, it’s lighter than most models on this list. It comes with a large library of 75 sounds and the storage capacity allows you to add up to 200 sounds from external sources.

You get an auxiliary speaker that provides additional volume. It is particularly useful in snow where the sound tends to get muffled. There is also an extra aux jack that allows you to link the unit to a FOXPRO decoy. The remote control works within a 600-yard range. It has a LCD screen with an intuitive menu that is easy to navigate. You can organize the sounds by category i.e. distress calls, howls, prey calls and so on.

This caller automatically switches to an assignable function i.e. preset 1-5, toggle decoy or toggle mute when you activate FOXBANG. This allows you to keep your eyes focused on the field as you change the sounds.

  • Made with FOXPRO's rugged ABS Composite Material that survives in the toughest environments
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Lightweight construction means you can take this unit anywhere
  • Has a huge library of 75 sounds
  • ​Enough space to add up to 200 sounds
  • Registering the warranty is a pain

3: Primos Xtra Loud Third Degree Cottontail Predator Call

Primos Xtra Loud Third Degree Cottontail Predator Call

If you are on the market for a loud predator call that will lure bobcats, Coyotes, and other game from a long range, the Primos Xtra Loud Third Degree Cottontail is worth considering. It makes a tremendous noise that carries than one would expect at its price range. This is a mouth blown coyote call made from laminated wood for added visual appeal.

Primos designed the Xtra Loud Cottontail to compact and as such, you can easily slip it into any pocket. You don’t have to worry about it being too bulky while on a lanyard. For a manual coyote call, this model is incredibly loud and will bring predators from afar to your location.

Simply blow into the Xtra Loud Third Degree Cottontail in bursts to use. The volume depends on how hard you blow the device. The harder you blow, the louder it is. You can stop blowing when the predator gets into close range where you need it for a perfect shot.

Being a manual coyote call, there are a few downsides associated with the Primos Xtra Loud Third Degree Cottontail. For starters, some of the sounds will require effort on your part to master. In addition, it doesn’t offer as much convenience or effectiveness as an electric coyote call.

  • Built with laminated wood for visual appeal and durability
  • For a manual coyote call, it is incredibly loud
  • Loop attached to the call allows you to hook it to a lanyard
  • Small and compact design
  • Not as efficient as electronic coyote calls

4: Primos Alpha Dogg

Primos Alpha Dogg

The Primos Alpha Dogg is an upgrade of the preceding Primos Dogg Catcher. It is a huge step up offering 3x more calls and expert hunting sequences by Randy Anderson. At first glance, you will notice that the Alpha Dogg is made with a durable composite molding material that is so common among Primos products. It will survive the worst weather conditions and is a great choice for hunters who don’t mind a high price tag.

This is a mid-level coyote call that offers 75 different pre-programmed sounds. With such a huge number of sounds, you can use this call to lure almost any prey to your location. What’s even better is that you get six 30-minute call sequences prepared by Randy Anderson, an expert in coyote hunting. This unit features 2GB of internal memory, allowing you to add up to 1000 songs from an external source. Such a level of versatility takes the guesswork out hunting Coyotes.

This electric game call comes with two 25-watt speakers that produce crisp sounds, hence clear calling at a vast range. They offer 180-degree rotation for wide angle and directional calling. Even with 15mph winds and lower volume settings, these babies will carry the sound for up to 200 yards.

You can use the remote control within a range of 200 yards. It comes complete with a 2.5″ fill color LCD screen and an intuitive menu. You will certainly love the fact that this remote has a “night mode” that allows you to adjust the brightness when necessary. The unit is covered with RealTree MAX-1 Camo and has built-in legs that fold nicely when the speakers aren’t in use.

  • Six 30-minute call sequences prepared by a coyote hunting expert
  • Offers 2GB memory for up to 1000 additional sounds
  • Powerful 25-watt speakers that are distortion-free
  • Smart fold/carry/stand design that allows for portability
  • Expensive

5: Primos Dog Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Primos Dog Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Primos is a world-class brand that began manufacturing calls in 1963 and the Dogg Catcher Electric Predator call is a nice addition to their product line. It is an entry-level predator call that costs less than $100. The unit is built with composite molded material and will survive the worst weather conditions. This is a good unit for new hunters who are looking for great features and functionality at an affordable price.

This unit comes with 12 sounds by Randy Anderson, a hunting expert who also designed the sounds for the Alpha Dogg and Turbo Dogg. The high-powered speaker produces a high volume that will prove useful during your hunting trips. It can play two sounds, allowing you to create a wildlife environment. This is a feature that pros and beginners will appreciate. The Primos Dogg Catcher only weighs 2.5 pounds, making it lighter than most in this price range.

The sounds loaded on this unit include female invitation howls, coyote interrogation howls, cottontail distress, coyote pup distress, jackrabbit distress, coyote serenade, rodent distress, adult coyote distress, baby jackrabbit distress, woodpecker distress, baby fawn distress and baby cottontail distress. This level of versatility is hard to find on an entry-level predator call.

  • 12 pre-programmed sounds by Randy Anderson
  • Powerful speaker produces loud sounds
  • You can control the unit from 150 yards away
  • Doesn't allow you to program your own sounds from external sources


Whether you are protecting what is yours or hunting for sport, equipping yourself with a coyote caller will prove a worthy investment. The ICOtec GC300 is a favorite of ours as it offers a huge sound library, powerful 12dB speaker that produces crisp sound and can be operated within a 300-yard range. All of the sounds are approved by Wildlife Technologies. In addition, the sound and silence intervals are pretty realistic. What is your favorite coyote caller? Let us know about it in the comment section.


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