Fastest Compound Bows

You’ve been a hunter, or perhaps even a competitive target shooter, for a while now, and people keep asking you why you haven’t upgraded your bow yet. Maybe it’s an heirloom, maybe you just haven’t bothered to look, or maybe you believe your bow is good luck. 

Whatever the reason is, you’ve decided to take the leap and look into getting a new compound bow. But you shouldn’t settle for just any. You need the best bang for your buck, especially when it comes to speed. One millisecond can make the difference between getting your prized prey or breaking your personal record.

Below is the Top 5 Fastest Bows on the Market today in order

1. PSE Archery Evolve 35 Compound Bow

PSE Archery, Evolve 35 Compound Bow, Right Hand, Mossy Oak Country

The Evolve Compound Bow is a great choice when looking for a fast, powerful bow. With a let off percentage of up to 90%, the sheer speed coming off this bow can be up to 340fps. Compared to the normal speed of 329fps, this isn’t a huge jump, but it is still an increase in speed.

In addition to the speed, this bow has a brace height of 6.5 inches as well as a measurement of 35 inches from axle to axle. This is important because it will help the buyer determine if this bow is the right size for the user.

Brace height is very important when determining which bow to purchase because the shorter the brace height, the faster your arrow will travel. Whereas traditional bows allow you to have an uninhibited brace height, leaving it up to the user to account for speed needed, compound bows make it easy to know exactly what speed to expect from your arrow.

The measurement between axles is also very important to take note of when looking to buy a new compound bow. Many bow hunters and competition shooters will swear that the idle length is between 30-33 inches.

You may have noticed that this bow had a length of 35 inches, but that doesn’t mean that this bow is a bad length and should be avoided. In fact, quite the opposite. This bow is the perfect size for taller shooters. Plus, because other people may swear it off, you can usually get a great deal on a longer bow!

Despite the smaller increase in speed, this bow is a great purchase overall. It has a relatively lighter draw weight, clocking in at only 70 pounds. The overall draw length is 29 inches, making this bow a good buy for any experienced bow user.

2. Martin Archery B710BF70R Featherweight Bow

Martin Archery B710BF70R Featherweight Bow Pkg

The Martin Archery Featherweight compound bow offers several features that we have yet to see on this list, making it a very interesting bow to consider when looking for your next favorite hunting and competition bow.

This is a right-handed only bow with a sleek, black finish. The fact that it is right-hand only may turn away some users because they either prefer left-hand bows or they are left-handed. However, as most users choose right-handed bows, this is simply a non-issue.

The Featherweight also has a rounded grip, making it very comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The rounded grip tends to fit better with the curvature of your hand, making sure you don’t end up with those deep red lines on your palm at the end of the day.

Because this bow is quiet and vibration free, it makes it the perfect choice for those hunting in the woods. If you’ve ever been hunting, then you know some game—particularly deer—are very skittish, running away at even the slightest sound. This makes a quiet bow stand out among the rest because it gives you one last thing to worry about when trying to nail your dream game.

This compound bow also boasts a 340fps speed, and it claims that the speed comes from its kestrel cams. This is a relatively new type of cam that hit the market not that long ago. The kestrel cam system was designed to eliminate string wear that occurs with other more common cam systems while also not sacrificing any of the speed you crave.

3. Precision Shooting Equipment Bow Madness

Precision Shooting Equipment Bow Madness

The Precision bow is a must-have compound bow for any bowhunter or competitive shooter. The bow has an impressive IBO speed of 340fps, similar to the last bow reviewed. Some interesting specs on this bow are the cams, the riser, and the limb bolts.
This bow offers a hybrid cam with the adjustability of a single cam. This is important because hybrid cams offer the ease of minimal maintenance, unlike traditional cams. Adjustability is also very important, making this cam system a smart choice.

The riser on this bow is made of forged aluminum, cutting significant weight on the bow and making it overall a lighter choice. Weight is a make or break spec on bows because nobody wants to have to lug around a heavy bow.
The Precision bow boasts a max limb bolt turn of 11. This is an impressive number, because it means you have the ability to adjust the overall weight by 11 turns. That could end up taking off some serious weight for you.

With an axle to axle length of 32 3/8 inches, this bow falls right in the sweet spot for almost any bowhunter or competition shooter. If you remember from before, the ideal length is 30-33 inches, making this bow fall on the high end but still within range.
Overall, this is a well-liked and highly praised bow within the archery community. Any hunter or shooter will be please with the overall performance of this compound bow, both in the woods and out on the archery range.

4. PSE Bow Madness XL Compound Bow

PSE Bow Madness XL Compound Bow Ready - to - Shoot Package MOBU Infinity

The PSE compound bow is perhaps one of the largest bows featured on this list. With a height of 41 inches, this bow is definitely meant for tall adults that are experienced with handling a large bow.

The let off percentage on this bow is only 75%, but don’t let that stop you from giving this bow a second look. 75% is still an impressive drop in overall pressure needed to keep the bow at full draw length.

This bow has a brace height of only 6 inches, making it an easy draw back. As you already know, the lower the brace height, the less force you have to apply in order to get the bow and your arrow to full draw length.

With a draw length of 25-30”, it’s very important that the let off percentage and the brace height are both as high and low as they can get respectively while still being functional and durable. While 25-30” isn’t a crazy length, it is still enough to warrant a second thought from any potential buyers.

The axle length is another feature on this bow that may end up causing a lot of potential customers to turn to other bows. With a length of 36 inches, the PSE Bow Madness XL comes in high on the scale.

Most hunters agree that anything over 33 inches in axle length is far too long to hunt with, causing the companies that make extra long axle length bows to lose a lot of potential customers and income from these bows.

One great perk to this bow is that it comes ready to shoot, making sure that you can spend less time trying to assemble and tune this bow and more time out there hunting, practicing your target shooting, or even getting ready to compete.

5. PSE Compound Bow Madness Epix

PSE Compund Bow Madness Epix, RH, Skullworks

This particular PSE compound bow may end up being the lightest bow on the list. Weighing in at only 4 pounds, the Madness Epix offers users the ease of a compound bow combined with the lightness of a more traditional bow.

The let off percentage of this bow comes in at 80%, making it a very easy bow to handle and release. Most bowhunters and competition shooters look for at least 80% let off when deciding on a bow to purchase.

The PSE Madness Epix claims a draw length of 24-30 inches, making this another bow that has the potential to suit quite a few different users. This versatility is a nice touch, but can also cause buyers to look elsewhere for a bow that has a lower draw length range.

The axle to axle length on this particular model is 32 1/2 inches, allowing it to fall in that sweet spot of users, albeit on the high end. However, the 30-33 inch range is always a favorite among bow users, making this bow one of the best overall choices for hunters and competition shooters alike.

If that isn’t enough to see you out the door with this bow in hand, it also claims to have a 6 inch brace height—a nice, low number that makes any bowhunter or shooter’s day that much easier.

Like the other bows on this list so far, this bow has a speed of 340fps, ranking it among some of the fastest bows on the market. Like I’ve said before, with big game hunting and competition shooting, speed is one of the top factors and always will be.

The lightness of this bow may make it one of the favorite bows on this list among potential buyers and those just doing a little research. All the other stats seem to fall to the wayside whenever a bow is simply just too heavy.


Overall, these five bows will all give you the speed you’re looking for in your next major bow purchase. The only decisions you have to make are what axle to axle length you are comfortable with, whether or not you want to stay in that 30-33 inch sweet spot, and, most importantly, how soon can you get your new toy?

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