Best 3d Archery Bow Targets For The Money

Looking for the best 3D archery target doesn’t mean buying the first thing you see for sale. Rather, it means finding one that matches the arrows you have and whether you do archery indoors or out. After all, who can deny that it can really be confusing to choose the correct target for your arrow and bow. If you’re not sure what to look for it can be even more confusing. There are different kinds of available goals, every one of which is created to be utilized with a particular setup of a set of bows. You can choose the best archery target confidently for your bow and arrow after doing a lot of research.

When you start to hunt and plan to use compounds bows, a 3-D target is probably the best method. These marks made of foam are obtainable in practically every species of animal you can imagine. This includes animals that have gone through extinction. Practice targets that are three-dimensional are an efficient, fun method for newbies hunters as well as hunters with more experience to get seasonally ready.

Many times, the vital organs of the target are marked clearly on the animal’s exterior. This helps make it easy for hunters to know where they should be aiming while they are out in the wilderness. Also, this gives you a good idea of where your arrows end up when you stand a particular way. It also helps you in understanding competitive shooting’s point system.

Over time, though, the foam of three-dimensional targets does wear out mainly in the central parts. However, when needed, you can have these replaced. Also, filed tips are the recommended arrow to use with these targets. The reason is that arrows can become stuck easily in the center foam. Use 3D targets to use a lifelike scene for hunting and improve your accuracy and skill. The design is realistic and is great for working on shots of silhouettes as well. You can move around the practice field easily with these targets since they are made to be lightweight anyway.

An archery target that is three-dimensional makes your next session of practice quite realistic. The targets that look like real animals give you a chance to practice your aim and stance for the real thing. That is why three-dimensional targets are advantageous to practice on. Whether you compete or in a field, the doing is more important than the theorizing. There are various methods you can improve your aim, and an ideal way is to utilize the right targets to shoot at. This way, you get a sense of being in the outdoors and shooting at something. Finding the perfect target will also help keep your arrows intact.

A Popular Sport

In the past few years, archery has become more and more popular, and these days, a buzz has been created around three-dimensional targets for archery. What exactly are 3D targets? These are quite different from the old style Olympic bullseye target since three-dimensional versions sometimes look exactly like a real deer, or at the very least, a brightly colored cube several feet away. Specifically, the goal of these types of targets is to help archers practice and these come in the form of anything creative such as blocks, bags, and animals. It is not recommended that broadheads for hunting be used since these would tear up foam targets in excess. Before you dive in and jump the first target on the list, it is a good idea to find out which features you need for your hobby. For example, find out which arrow tips and points you have and make sure that you find a target that can accommodate your kind of archery. If you prefer using broadheads, for instance, it is important to make sure that the targets you have are strong enough and made specifically for broadheads. The kind of target that can accommodate a broadhead would be stronger than average and can resist the gashing that these types of arrows tend to produce.

Whether you are shooting expandables, broadheads or field points, you will need to find targets that stop the carbon that is incoming by using a good target that self-heals. You will want one that is weather-proof or made for indoor use if you happen to be shooting arrows indoors. Lastly, one that lasts season after season will save you money in the longer run. Whether you are a newbie or a more experienced archer, the list we are providing you with the best three-dimensional targets available is one that we have evaluated based on durability, brightness, and creativity. Most of all, these can be seen clearly from several feet away and are, for the most part, self-healing. This means that the arrows you shoot at it will hardly make a dent. Plus, you get to preserve those expensive arrows and use them when it matters.

Only the Best

There are two purposes for archery target selections. One is to give arrows a location for landing without actually damaging the arrow. The other reason is to give archers hitting marks. Archers want a target they can use continuously. A well-made target that lasts year after year is a good buy. For reasons of longevity and value for money, a three-dimensional foam target is a good choice to make.

Next Season’s Hunt

Whether you just want to improve your accuracy levels for the next season of hunting, or practicing for tournaments, there are specially designed targets for your shooting types. While field tips are the best kinds to use with these, you can become a more accurate archer no matter what level of skill you have with a target filled with synthetic or foam material.


There are different functions a target for archery serves. Mainly, it helps archers mark hitting points in the field. It also provides a safe arrow-landing place so that your arrow does not hit a different object or get damaged. Getting yourself a three-dimensional target with the highest quality is worth the effort. Find one known to last long. Easily damaged targets will just result in you having to buy another one soon after. Thus, going for durable will save you tons of time and money down the line.

Targets made of Foam Blocks

Black targets agreed for using with the lighter bows, are easy to carry and are durable. Stop the arrow friction is used by the layered foam. This helps in the prevention of breaking tips. Of course, you need to note that broadheads sometimes rip to target and can become stuck. Also, heavier draw weight bows maybe too strong for using with these targets that are somewhat lightweight and can end up burying themselves in the padding. The angle you use to shoot needs to be considered as well as it can increase a block target’s life significantly.

It is recommended by most experts that your block needs to be placed in such a way that the layers of foam are sitting vertically. This helps in guiding your arrows not across but slightly, in between the layers. It is also ideal for blocks of foam target to be used outdoors since it has a portable, lightweight design. You can do block target set ups in a few seconds both inside and outdoors. Of course, it is of importance to consider draw weights always as well as any issues that could potentially cause obstacles when you are making attempts to do arrow removal.

Filled Bags as Targets

Filled bags are some of the most basic and common targets for archery most people that own a compound bow has at least one practice with a bag target. For archers that are just beginning, the large surface area makes a choice that is quite excellent. Created for withstanding repeat usage, bag targets will hold together through over 100 hits. Archers love how effective bag targets are at stopping the bow and arrow. Plus, they love how easy it is to do arrow removal after hitting the targets. Bag targets are normally filled with synthetic material. Online bales of hay, a bag target won’t break an arrow’s fletching. This will save you hundreds of dollars down the line. This is because you won’t have to buy arrows repeatedly.

You will want to use filled points with bag targets exclusively. This is true even if they’re great for repetitive shots in practice. Many times, broadhead tips can rip a target outer material and become stuck. Also, the material is porous and isn’t designed for extended outdoor use. It is also awkward to carry due to its heavier weight. For this reason, it is much better to use bag targets for indoor use only. This is what most experts recommend.
The thing is, you do have the advantages being able to utilize most setups for bows, and there are field points on the bolts.

Best 3d Archery Target Reviews

I have taken a look at the best 3d Archery Targets that is currently on the market and have chosen our top 5 3d Archery Targets for your consideration.

1. Block Black B 20 by Field Logic

Block Black B 20 by Field Logic

Measuring 16 by 20 by 20 inches, this block foam target is ideal for experienced and beginning archers that want to improve their aim and simply want to practice. Four sides of this block have targets that are marked, helping you improve accuracy and aim. The design is white on black and ensures that even from a distance, you can see everything very clearly.

You won’t develop fatigue in your arms the way you would probably do with other targets. The reason is that the field tips you use will slide out and into the target quite easily. This means you will probably end up with longer sessions of practice, which is definitely to your advantage. This makes it the target perfect for shooting in the backyard with family and friends. Its construction is light, which makes this product quite convenient and easy to move from one field you practice into the next.

Featured on this block are tons of targets on each of the four sides. The pattern is vivid, which is ideal for distance and close range shooting. The durable target features a design that is “poly fusion,” which tells you that on its own, the target extends its life since it makes it easier to remove the arrows every time. There are fewer risks of the tearing or ripping of the foam since all the arrows slide out of the target. You should also note that this block foam target is best used for field tips which help in prolonging its life.

  • Okay for beginners or advanced
  • Four sides of targets
  • Vivid patterns make it easy to see.
  • Field tips are best to use with this one and not other tips.

2. Hurricane Archery H25 Bag Target by Field Logic

Hurricane Archery H25 Bag Target by Field Logic

Competition and hunting shooters alike will love this target bag. Everything necessary for the improvement of aim and archery comes with the package. Also, this product is made with construction that is durable. It comes with value for money considering the design is quite versatile. You can become a better archer when you use field tips with this product, easily.

The main benefit related to target bags is the ease in which bolts can be removed from the central area. Field tips slide smoothly out without tears or rips. The recommendation, however, is not to use this target bag with expandables and broad tips. The five-pound, light construction lets you mount or hang the bag with ease. Carry this around with ease from one place to another with the handle sewn on the top. Created for indoor-use, this target bag will help you attain your skill and aim objectives just in time for next season’s hunting trip.

It is easy to check where to hit when aiming at the black circles as you practice target shooting. You won’t have to strain your eyes to see. Plus, the reverse side has vital organs that are marked clearly. This bag target is made to last and can withstand hits repeatedly and by the hundreds. This can also stop field tips effectively from heavy and light bow compounds.

  • Portable and light for transferring from one place to another.
  • Vital organs on reverse side are marked
  • Good for hunters or competitors’ target shooting
  • Not for outdoor use

3. GlenDel Pre Rut Buck 3D by Field Logic

GlenDel Pre Rut Buck 3D by Field Logic

Before the next season, hunters are always searching for methods that help with skill-improvements and setting up their bow. This 3D target will assist in honing archers’ skills including their accuracy and their aim. This features construction which is durable and a design realistic enough and used quickly by both experienced and beginning archers.

There is a surface for shooting this target that happens to be seven times bigger than models that are similar. This makes it ideal for younger and first time archers. The core target is four-sided and can stop bolts up to three hundred ninety-feet ever second. Compared to other targets that are three dimensional, you get a realistic experience with this one. There is a metal pipe sturdy enough to hold the target to the earth securely. You will like the easy-removal of field tips from the buck. Designed and constructed to get beaten up during practice shots, this buck 3D target gets you ready for the hunting season of the year.

The construction is sturdy and can go through hits repeatedly with field tip arrows. Also, any weather condition is okay with this target, since it is weather-proof. The buck is lifelike and at the shoulders measures thirty-six inches. This means that you can use this three-dimensional target for practicing how accurate your aim and stance are. Created after a two hundred pound buck, you will eventually get a sense of specifically where your shooting needs to be aimed.

  • Durability
  • Easy to carry/portable
  • Layered foam prevents arrow friction
  • You need to guide your arrows to hit between layers rather than across for best results

4. RhinoBlock by Rinehart

RhinoBlock by Rinehart

This target is a foam block that helps archers improves their skills. It comes with a construction that is quite durable and can withstand practice sessions repeatedly.
This foam block has six sides and can be used for skill-improvement in a variety of methods. There are a couple of sides that are three dimensional and show a deer’s internal organs. This means that just in time for the coming season, you can improve your killer shots. The block also has larger marks which assist in your aim improvement. You can also work on arrow placement by practicing on the smaller targets on the block. There are forty marked targets, and this block of foam may be the thing that makes all the difference in next season’s hunting success.

The foam is quite durable with the capability of stopping the field points with ease. You can also use broadheads and expandable points since this target is strong enough to withstand those, as well. The foam is sturdy and created to “self-heal.” This helps in the prevention of tears and rips from arrows that are stuck. It also helps in cutting down on costs of replacement, which saves you money down the road.

  • Durable foam
  • Self-healing
  • Marked targets
  • Not in the shape of an actual deer

5. 400 FPS by the Bone Collector

400 FPS by the Bone Collector

Whether you want to just hone your archery skills or want to learn methods to shoots your bow and improve aiming accuracy, this target foam block might be just the thing that helps you accomplish all your goals. It comes with a construction durable enough to be weather-resistant. This makes it ideal for outside target practicing. The cover is bright yellow and marked clearly. It is quite easy to spot every target so that you can go through distance accuracy practices day after day conveniently.

What you will most likely love best about this product is that it helps you achieve all your archery goals. You will love all the options of the various targets that will assist in your accuracy and aim improvement. The pool ball style and dart board-like targets can be utilized for creating accuracy fun games with other archers and help in skill improvement for the next competition or the up and coming season for hunting. When it comes to using field tips, this brand is one of the best targets for 3D archery, without a doubt.

Field points are effectively stopped by the foam’s durability. It is specifically designed for easy removal of the arrows. The target’s bolts will slide out easily with no tearing or ripping of the foam. The internal structure is durable and helps in the prevention of the cube from collapse due to being repeatedly hit. This gives it enough strength to stop up to four hundred feet/second shots effectively.

  • Marked targets
  • Durable and all skill levels
  • Distance shooting practice options
  • Best for use outdoor only.


After we tested all the different archery targets, we concluded that the best one is the Black B20 by Field Logic. It is perfectly marked, and the size is just right. Any smaller and you might destroy or lose some volts when making shots from fifty yards away. Plus, you will be able to hit all four sides of this target. It is quite easy to remove broadheads or field points, and you can use both for practicing as well.

The self-healing quality is great and tells you that this product offers value for money. In other words, it may last you season after season and help you improve your abilities. It can also take broadhead hits easily as well, which is more than what can be said for many other archery target types. It is essential to find the right archery target for your needs. Taking time to do the research necessary to get the perfect 3D target will save time and money in the process. After all, with archery requiring such specialized skills, investing in the right accessories will take you far.

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