What are the Best Arrows for Hunting Deer Reviews

Having and shooting the correct arrows can be a critical piece of how successful you are as a hunter. The best arrows for deer hunting will fly far and straight while still having enough force to deal a hard blow to anything they hit. We’ve rounded up the top five deer hunting arrows and put together a buyer’s guide. We want you to feel confident when you go out to purchase your new arrows.

Picking out a new arrow can be a time-consuming process. There’s a lot of trial and error before you find the arrow that suits your preferences and style. However, our buyer’s guide will outline the important considerations that you want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new deer hunting arrows.

Shaft Type

One of the first things that you want to concentrate on is what your arrow’s shaft is made out of. There are four basic categories to choose from, and they all offer something slightly unique.


Aluminum arrow shafts were first introduced in the middle of the 1940s. They didn’t gain much in popularity until they exploded in the 1970s for their lightweight feel and their durable design. It’s very inexpensive. Also, aluminum is very forgiving, and it’s extremely easy to ground or machine to the correct length.
A few other advantages to using an aluminum arrow shaft is that it rebounds very well from minor bending, it’s resistant to different weather conditions, and it’s incredibly straight. Additionally, arrow shaft manufacturers find new ways to make this type of arrow shaft more durable. Some hunters prefer aluminum over carbon because aluminum can transfer energy from the bow more efficiently when they shoot.


Carbon arrow shafts were first introduced in the early 1990s as a very lightweight and sleek option with an extremely small diameter. Carbon shafts were prone to splitting and snapping when they were first introduced, and they’ve evolved to increase the arrow’s durability. Today, many carbon shafts are either wrapped or weaved to make them stronger.
Carbon arrows have gained a lot of popularity due to their speed. What they lack in weight, they more than make up for in speed. They also have a tighter tolerance than aluminum shafts, and this increases accuracy and the penetration rate you get when you use these arrows.


Another popular shaft choice for deer hunters is the aluminum and carbon hybrid design. They’re not nearly as common as the first two types, but they’re quickly gaining popularity due to their rigid design and their lightweight feel. They’re very good at transferring and absorbing energy, and they have a high penetration rate in spite of their smaller diameter.
You can find arrows with carbon on the inside and an aluminum coating on the outside. This type of construction makes these hybrid arrow shafts very easy to remove from your target. However, this shaft type is also one of the more expensive options that are available on the current market.


The final arrow shaft that you can purchase has been in use for thousands of years, and it’s a favorite of more traditional bow hunters. A wood shaft is typically made out of Port Orford cedar. This type of wood is desirable because it has a unique straightness, density, durability, and it can take a lot of stress and strain without an issue.
Wood shafts are also relatively inexpensive to buy. Additionally, they’re also heavy enough to penetrate larger game animals with ease. However, this heavier design also means that this arrow flies slower. It’s also more challenging to produce the tight tolerances that you need to be successful with deer hunting.

Fletching Vanes

Once you’ve picked out which shaft is going to work best for your arrow, it’s time to move on to the fletching vanes. You have two main types to choose from, and it will come down to your personal preference.


Plastic vanes are widely popular due to their durability and flexibility. They’re also very resistant to bending or crumpling, do well in a variety of environments, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You can purchase them in a wide variety of lengths and widths ranging from long and high-profile hunting vanes to small and ultrasonic target vanes.
The Blazer is the newest type of vane available. They’re two-inches long, and they contain five grains each. They have a combination of leading-edge angle and extremely strong build material that’s able to stabilize the fixed-blade broad heads. You’ll get an extended accuracy range along with maximized speed.


Traditional archers like to use feathers, and they have been around for thousands of years. Feathers can provide more stabilization for your arrow as it flies, and they can also be quicker than vanes during flight. If they hit an obstruction, feathers are going to be a more forgiving material because they collapse flat and pass by. A downside to using feathers is that they’re more prone to being affected by wet conditions, and they can produce a slightly louder noise.

Arrow Picking Tips

When it comes to arrows, it isn't one size fits all. What works perfectly for your buddy may not work well for you. When you've settled on a shaft and fletching that feels good when you shoot, you can move on to the other smaller considerations.

  • Point Weight - How heavy or how light your arrow's point is will affect how it flies. If you have a heavy arrow point and you have a weak arrow, the arrow will wiggle when it flies. You'll have to experiment to find a good point weight and arrow combination
  • Arrow Stiffness - Many deer hunters prefer to use compound bows with high poundage. In general, you'll have to invest in stiffer arrows as your bow's draw weight increases. Additionally, as your arrow's length increases, you'll need to invest in stiffer arrows to balance it out.
  • Factor in Wind - You're hunting outdoors and exposed to the elements like wind. You'll have to keep this in mind as you shop. Wind doesn't generally have much of an effect on smaller arrows. However, it does have a noticeable effect on larger arrows. This can lead to a lot of hunters choosing to use carbon or hybrid arrows over aluminum arrows.
  • Density - You'll find out that you do a lot of trading off when you're trying to find a good arrow for your preferences. A thinner and lighter arrow is going to fly at a much faster rate of speed and have superior accuracy levels. However, it won't be able to penetrate into your deer as a more dense arrow would.
  • Shattering - Although carbon arrows are extremely popular among hunters, you do have to be very careful with them. When they break, they tend to shatter on impact. You'll want to pull your arrows out of your deer and inspect them. If it shatters, these small carbon slivers can get into the meat, and this can be dangerous if you don't watch for it.
  • Bigger Vanes for Bigger Arrows - This point may seem obvious, but it's a mistake a lot of beginner hunters make. Heavier or larger arrows need larger vanes to help stabilize the arrow as it flies through the air. This is especially true if you're using a broadhead.
  • Pre-Made or Shaft Only - When you buy arrows, you'll quickly find that they come in two categories. If they're shaft only, it's up to you to install the nock, vanes, and the point. Pre-made arrows come with all of these features installed. Generally, new hunters choose the pre-made arrows until they're comfortable doing it on their own.

Reviewing the Top Five Deer Hunting Arrows

We have taken a look at the best deer hunting arrows that is currently on the market and have chosen 5 top arrows for your consideration.

Easton 420789-TF Aftermath Arrows

Easton 420789-TF Aftermath Arrows

This arrow is a relative newcomer to the Easton family, but it’s a great choice for someone who is looking for a more cost-effective arrow that has high energy and maintains a good speed. Easton has a straightness tolerance of just .005 inches, and this puts it right up against some of the more well-known arrow brands. Additionally, each shaft is made in the USA to strict quality control standards.
You’ll notice that these arrows come with a very slick finish. This finish allows for very low friction and easy removal when you use them. This carbon arrow comes with separate inserts, and this will enable you to cut them down to suit your shooting style and needs.

  • Carbon material is very durable and lightweight
  • Get a higher quality arrow at a cost-effective price
  • You get six arrows with each order
  • May not last as long as some other arrows
  • Not a lot of information available because they're a newer arrow
  • May be too brittle for a lot of hard use

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

Carbon Express’s Maxima Hunter is one the of the most accurate and one of the fastest camo hunting arrows available today. They’re a great tool for hunters who like to deal large blows from a significant distance when they hunt. They come equipped with dual spine construction.
This dual spine construction gives the arrow weight forward technology built right in. This makes the front of the arrow slightly more substantial than the rear of the arrow. This design can lead to tighter groupings. Two-thirds of the shaft has a durable and sleek Mossy Oak finish. These arrows also come with Blazer vanes that are bright red, so they’re easy to see when you’re out hunting.

  • Each arrow has a Mossy Oak finish for added durability
  • The bright red Blazer vanes are easy to see after you shoot it
  • Comes with weight forward technology built into each arrow
  • Camouflage pattern can make these arrows more difficult to find
  • May take several shooting sessions to develop a feel for these arrows
  • Blazer vanes may come in different colors besides bright red

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

These deer hunting arrows come with hi-tech carbon material that allows them to fly longer and faster. This construction also allows you to deal a more powerful blow with each shot, and they fly consistently straighter. Each arrow is laser checked for maximum straightness down to 1/10,000 of an inch. You get a six pack of black and red finished arrows that are matched and sorted by weight and spine.
These arrows come equipped with launchpad precision nocks and bulldog nock collars for greater control and accuracy each time that you use them. It’s designed to have stiffer ends to reduce the arrow’s flexing capabilities as it flies. The entire design is centered around delivering a broadhead with pinpoint accuracy each time that you take a shot.

  • Arrows come with stiffer ends to reduce flexing
  • Made with a hi-tech carbon material for straighter and farther flight
  • Each arrow is laser checked down to 1/10,000 of an inch
  • Might have to pay a professional shop to put the tips on.
  • Have to buy the tips separately or use your own
  • Vane color choices may vary from what is shown on the packaging

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows with Raptor Vane

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows with Raptor Vane

The Hunter XT arrow is one of Gold Tip’s top selling arrows to date. They are particularly well known as being a reliable and durable bow hunting arrow choice for novice hunters and hunting veterans alike. They can withstand practice shooting sessions as well as hunting sessions without an issue.
You’ll enjoy a weight grain of 8.2/inch, as well as tolerance of +/-2 grain in each and every dozen arrow pack. These arrows are also laser inspected, and hand sorted to have a shaft tolerance of +/-0.003 inches. They come pre-fletched with two-inch Blazer vanes. This allows you to quickly and easily cut the shaft down to your preferred shooting length.

  • These arrows come with the inserts included when you purchase them
  • You get one dozen durable and reliable arrows in every pack
  • Every arrow goes through a laser inspection and a hand sorting to get a precision shaft tolerance
  • Arrow shafts may come covered in a black soot material that sticks to clothing
  • Some packs may not come with the inserts as it advertises
  • It can be difficult to get the tips in securely

Easton Bloodline Arrows

Easton 420789-TF Aftermath Arrows

If you’re a hunter that likes a lighter shaft that ranges between 8.7 and 7.7 GPI, the Easton Bloodline is one type of arrow that you want to try. The velocity of these arrows more than makes up for the lighter weight. The arrow’s shafts have a tolerance of .004 inches, and they come with a grain weight tolerance of 0.5.
The arrow shafts are made in the United States. They come with the popular HP inserts as well. You get red H nocks, and the two-inch Blazer vanes are red and white. These are a more cost-effective arrow choice, and you can basically purchase 12 of these arrows for the price of six premium arrows without losing out on quality.

  • Arrows come with a lighter shaft ranging between 8.7 and 7.7 GPI
  • Shaft inserts are the popular and durable HP inserts
  • Two-inch Blazer vanes come with a bright red and white pattern
  • May not fly as straight as other brands of arrows
  • Arrows may not be able to withstand hard use without breaking
  • Can take a while to get used to the lighter weight

The winner of our review roundup is the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter. They’re designed to fly very far and deal a heavy blow when they hit your target. They come with weight forward technology due to the dual spine construction. The shaft itself comes with a sleek and durable Mossy Oak finish to extend the arrow’s longevity.
We also liked that the arrow features bright red and white Blazer vanes. They make it very easy to see and retrieve. This arrow is suitable for both novice hunters and hunting veterans alike, and it’s an all-around solid deer hunting arrow.


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