Best Broadhead Sharpener - Reviews and Tips

Buyers Guide for the Best Broadhead Sharpeners on the Market

When it comes to bow hunting or archery, the art is more fun when your arrow blades have the sharpest cutting edges. This is because you don’t want to draw your arrow and not make quick and humane kills.

There is a wide variety of broadhead sharpeners on the market and finding the one that suits your needs requires extensive research. We have considered all the essential features and came up with the following list of the top 5 broadhead sharpeners that we will review later on;

When you are looking to buy a broadhead sharpener, you should take into account;

The number of broadhead blades it can accommodate

Most users prefer sharpeners that can take up to 5 broad heads or over for convenience.


Some users are worried about buying heavy tools, especially if they have to carry them whenever they venture out. The best broadhead sharpeners, therefore, need to fit in your backpack perfectly. The smaller the tool for your kit, the better. It should also be light to make sure you do not go through too much trouble trying to move it around.

Carbide adjustability

The upgraded designs of broadhead sharpeners come with adjustable carbides. This enhances both their usability and life.

Construction material

Just like any other item, the material used to make a broadhead sharpener will determine how durable and efficient it is. The sharpener should be able to work on just about any tool material. It should also be sturdy enough to avoid unnecessary breakages.

Ease of use

The best broadhead sharpener is one that is easy to use even for beginners. Most manufacturers include an instruction manual in their packs or a YouTube video demonstrating how the tool is used on their page.

State of the handle

The best broadhead sharpeners come with handles made of rubber to give users a comfortable grip. This will ensure that you hold the sharpener well as you work on your tools.

The design

This is important if you want to make a perfect finish on your sharply edges broadheads after sharpening. The design should be mostly V-shaped so you can sharpen closer to the edges.

Color of the broadhead sharpener

Although most archers or bow hunters do not take this factor serious, it is important. We recommend that you go for screaming colors like orange, yellow etc. that are easily visible both indoors and outdoors. This will come in handy if you happen to misplace the sharpener while hunting.

Intended use

You should consider whether the broadhead sharpener you choose is multifunctional or not. Some sharpeners can be used to edge knives, scissors, arrow blades etc. efficiently. The multifunctional models are handy and their usability is extensive.

The benefits of using a broadhead sharpener

Broadhead sharpeners are important tools not only for outdoor use but also for indoor users. Some of their benefits include:

Edge maintenance

With archery or bow hunting, it is always important to have well sharpened arrows in your possession. When you buy broadhead sharpeners, you need to determine whether they are sharp or have just formed an edge. If its the latter, a final touch of your broadhead sharpener will be needed. Ensure that you strop your blades every now and then to make sure they are always ready for use.

Bench sharpening

With time, if you have been using your broad heads for a while without sharpening, they may become dull. When this happens, you are supposed to sharpen the blades fully, ensuring that the metal is removed for edging. The cutting angle should be maintained for the efficiency of the tool.

Field sharpening

This is specifically done while on the hunting field. You can do this to ensure that your blades are perfectly edged for usability and efficiency.

What is the angle of broadhead sharpeners?

This will vary depending on the size of the broad heads, specifically the width. The wider the broadhead sharpener, the lower the angle at which they sharpen blades. This means that the narrow broadhead sharpeners will edge the blades at a higher angle.

How to use a broadhead sharpener

When you buy a broadhead sharpener, you need to follow these simple steps to use it:

  • Fix the broadhead into your arrow ensuring that it fits with precision. Securely grip the sharpener for you to begin using it.
  • What is the quality of your broad heads? If you have chosen blades that are made from a sturdy metal, it is our recommendation that you go for a sharpener that is of premium grade. This will ensure that you reliably remove the expected metal around the edges to attain the sharpness level you desire. This will also ensure that you sharpen the arrowheads accurately while enhancing their life.
  • Place your arrow on top of the sharpener with the broadhead placed in the middle of the plates.
  • Run the broadhead along the said plate and be sure to avoid taking it back because it could become damaged or broken.
  • Ensure that it runs towards the tip from the back so that you can control and optimize its sharpness
  • While holding your finger perpendicularly, allow it to run across the blade to test how sharp it really is. Avoid doing it roughly as you could end up with a deep cut. If you are satisfied by the sharpness, you could opt to stop there and ready your arrows for some bow hunting.

Check these steps out in this YouTube video

5 Best Broadhead Sharpener Reviews

1. Lansky Broadhead Sharpener

Lansky Broadhead Sharpener

This broad head sharpener might just be the best thing any bow hunter will come across while shopping. It measures approximately 8.1 x 3.5 x 0.1 inches, which means it has a compact design so you can pack it conveniently as you go hunting. It weighs 0.8 ounce, which makes it lightweight enough for portability while undertaking your outdoor activities.

It is easy and safe to use even for beginners.

This broadhead sharpener locks the broadheads safely so you can either tighten or replace them.

The sharpener comes in orange, which is among the easily visible hues preferred by hunters. This will come in handy in case you accidentally drop or misplace the sharpener.

The grip is over-molded with rubber to make it comfortable for you while sharpening. As such, you can ready your arrowheads quickly for hunting.

It is designed with a low-V tungsten carbide head that will easily sharpen closer to the blade tip of your arrow.

Lansky Broadhead Sharpener is made with a convenient universal broadhead wrench that is ideal for broadheads with 2, 3, 4, or 5 blades. This enhances its usability so it can serve a wide variety of users.

  • It is reliable for tightening the broad head arrows on the shaft without worrying about cutting your fingers.
  • It sharpens fixed blades fast.
  • It is made of high quality material, which gives it a great value for your money.
  • The grip is amazing and the sharpener feels great in hand.
  • ​It is sold at a friendly price that makes it highly affordable.
  • Some users feel that this broad head sharpener could have been more efficient if it came with more gadgets that accommodate more sizes of blades for sharpening, replacing, or tightening.

2. G 5 Outdoors Sportsman Carbide Broadhead Sharpener

G 5 Outdoors Sportsman Carbide Broadhead Sharpener

This is the perfect tool for archers as it can be used for re-sharpening G5 broadheads. What’s more, it can be used to sharpen the hunting or fishing knives depending on your needs. In addition to sharpening your hunting tools, you can also use it for various other household tools like scissors. You, therefore, can add this sharpener in your utility drawer to increase efficiency at home.

It is made with a premium grade carbide that is strong and durable. You, therefore, can use this tool to sharpen even the toughest materials available.

This broadhead sharpener is available in a small size that measures about 9 x 5 x 1.2 inches so you can just throw it in your backpack and embark on your bow-hunting trip. It weighs approximately 3.2 ounce for portability since you can carry it without draining your energy that should otherwise go to archery.

It is designed such that you can slide the carbide along the track. This adjustable state enhances the life of the carbide by at least 600 percent as compared to the other carbide styles in the market. This will definitely add a great value to your money.

  • It can be used to sharpen multiple types of cutting tools ranging from broad heads to scissors and knives.
  • It is made from high quality material so will sharpen items made from a variety of metals.
  • It is affordable, thus accommodating the budget needs of a wide array of users.
  • The carbide is adjustable on the track, which enhances the life of the broadhead sharpener as compared to the ordinary carbide styles.
  • It is well made thanks to the comfortable grip.
  • Although this sharpener is versatile in its uses, you cannot sharpen a serrated knife with it.
  • Some users feel that the broadhead sharpener is only ideal for making some final touches on already sharpened items rather than the dull types.

3. Lansky BSHARP BowSharp Tool and Sharpener

Lansky BSHARP BowSharp Tool and Sharpener

If you would like to be able to sharpen your broadhead blades quickly, then you should get yourself this red tool. It is made with a carbide that will sharpen both broad heads and knives. It has a built-in set of 8 Allen wrenches alongside a Philips and flathead screwdriver so you are able to maintain your broadheads for superior results. The wrenches are featured in a collapsible tool kit that is integrated in the handle. The wretches also range from 5/64 to 7/32.

The grip is ergonomically rubberized so it is soft to the touch for your comfort while working on your knives or broadhead blades.

Its compact design only measures 8.2 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches for ease of storage. It further weighs around 7.4 ounce so you can carry it around hassle free.

Archers are really going to appreciate the 5 essential tools that come with this BowSharp. This will reduce the amount of items you bring with you on your camping or hunting trip while allowing you to enjoy more convenience.

The broadhead sharpener is extended to the outside of the handle so you can accurately sharpen your items safely.

These features will allow you to adjust the capabilities of your bow quickly and with ease while in the field.

The handle is made of rubber so you can comfortably use the BowSharp tool in both dry and wet conditions.

  • This broadhead sharpener is designed with 5 unique tools to help you keep your bow hunting fun and equipped.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The handle is specially designed for safe use of the BowSharp under all conditions.
  • It makes the kit of an archer highly versatile.
  • ​It is compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Some users argue that the BowSharp is a little too big for them.
  • Some users feel that the broadhead sharpener should come with a case.

4. Smith's BHS Broadhead Sharpener with Wrench

Smith's BHS Broadhead Sharpener with Wrench

Are you looking for a high quality carbide grade broadhead sharpener to make your hunting expeditions more efficient? If you are, Smith’s BHS Broadhead Sharpener comes with a wrench and cutting blades that can be easily reversed for replacement and durability. With the wrench, you can easily remove the broadheads that are three, four, and five bladed.

The pre-set carbide blades are designed such that they help you maintain the correct sharpening angle for safety and accuracy.

The uniquely made broadhead wrench also makes the removal of broadheads quick and easy for you.

It comes with a lanyard hole where you can conveniently carry the reversible blades for extended sharpening. The handheld design of this tool enhances the efficiency of your sharpening, replacement, or tightening of broadheads.

The carbides are abrasive and made of a coarse design for durability. The broadhead sharpener features dimensions of 7 x 3 x 0.8 inches giving it a compact size for ease of storage. This is complemented by the weight of 0.8 ounce, which makes it highly portable.

For the hunters that take their style seriously, they will love this sharpener’s camouflage color scheme.

  • Smith's BHS Broadhead Sharpener is made with a durable material for longevity.
  • It is lightweight so you can transport it hassle free in your backpack as you go hunting.
  • The carbide blades are reversible so you can extend your sharpening for precision and great end results.
  • The lanyard holes are conveniently placed so you can easily carry the tool around as you improve your bow-hunting experience.
  • Some users argue that they had a hard time using the broadhead sharpener without direct instructions.

5. Accu Sharp 013C Broadhead Sharpener and Wrench

Accu Sharp 013C Broadhead Sharpener and Wrench

Are you a hunting fanatic looking for the most effective tool to help keep your arrowheads razor sharp? If you are, Accu Sharp 013C Broadhead Sharpener is the way to go. It is a perfect choice for sharpening knives and broadheads. It comes with a wrench that works efficiently with 2, 3, 4 and 5 broadhead blades for convenience.

Accu Sharp 013C Broadhead Sharpener is the ideal tool to take with you on any camping trip. You can use it to sharpen your arrowheads or use it indoors for kitchen knives.

One amazing fact about this broadhead and knives sharpener is that it is made in USA, which directly translates to its superior quality.

Accu Sharp 013C Broadhead Sharpener measures 8.8 x 0.5 x 4.8 inches in dimensions. This gives it a compact size that is easy to store. The contrivance also weighs about 1.44 ounce making it super light so it requires no effort to transport.

It has a rubber molded grip so you can comfortably hold the tool as you sharpen the knives, tighten, or replace broadhead blades.

  • This broadhead sharpener is made in a small and simple design that is also light for convenience when packing.
  • It is versatile as you can sharpen broadhead blades and knives with it.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The broadhead sharpener is sturdy for durability.
  • ​It is available at a customer friendly price.
  • Some users argue that they experienced problems sharpening 2 and 3 bladed broadheads as they keep hitting the plastic.
  • Some users feel that this broadhead sharpener is a bit low quality as it may fall apart after just a few uses.

Final Verdict

Of the 5 best broadhead sharpeners, Lansky Broadhead Sharpener has emerged as our overall winner!

It comes with a carbide that can be extended, implying that you can sharpen your tools conveniently. This also enhances the life of the carbide.

The handle is rubberized so you can get a comfortable grip for ease of use. As such, you can use the sharpener effectively in both wet and dry conditions.

It is designed with 8 Allen wrenches, Philips and flathead screwdriver which make it highly usable. The 5 essential tools featured in this broadhead sharpener come in handy for a professional bow-hunter.

Besides keeping your broadheads sharp, you can also use the sharpener to keep scissors and kitchen tools like knives sharp.

It is compact sized and lightweight so you can easily store and transport it.

Besides the Lansky BSHARP Bowsharp Tool and Sharpener, the other four broadhead sharpeners are also worth considering. Each comes with amazing features that reflect its uniqueness. You should compare what they have to offer against what you are looking for in order to make a sound decision.

There you have it. What are your thoughts about broadhead sharpeners? Are there other brands you think should be included in our exclusive article? Feel free to share your comments or inquiries with us.


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