Best Hang-On/ Climbing Tree stands for the Money 2018 Reviews

Spending your day up a tree may not sound like fun, but with the right climbing treestand you can stay comfortable while you enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Climbing tree stands is a hunter’s favorite because of their portability, and these mobile tree stands are easy to use with just a little practice.

Benefits of Climbing Tree Stands

When compared to other types of tree stands, climbing tree stands offer lightweight portability that allows you to easily change positions throughout the day. Other benefits of climbing tree stands include:

  • Ultra-lightweight options are available to make carrying the stand easier, especially on longer treks that require carrying other gear.
  • Unlike permanent stands and blinds, you can easily take climbing tree stands home with you, eliminating the risk of theft when you head home. Removable stands are also required when hunting on public land in some states.
  • ​Climbers allow you to easily install your stand in a new location each time you go out to prevent local wildlife from avoiding your location.
  • ​Climbing tree stands installs quietly to avoid disturbing local wildlife.
  • ​Climbers install without the use of additional tools, allowing you to carry less gear.
  • ​Climbing tree stands are available in sit-and-climb and hand-climbing styles so you can choose the installation method that fits your needs best.
  • You don't need to use step with climbing tree stands, saving valuable time during setup and departure.

Spending your day up a tree may not sound like fun, but with the right climbing tree stand you can stay comfortable while you enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Climbing tree stands is a hunter’s favorite because of their portability, and these mobile tree stands are easy to use with just a little practice.

Choosing A Climbing Tree Stand

To choose the best stand for your personal use, compare the features available in your price range. The following features are widely available and can help you install and use your stand more comfortably:

  • Look for padded seats and backs to sit comfortably for long periods of time.
  • A pivoting climbing bar makes climbing the tree to install the stand easier.
  • ​Models with a one-piece design reduce the risk of separation while using the stand.
  • ​Choose lightweight materials like aluminum to simplify carrying the stand on long hikes.
  • ​Look for fasteners or holders, such as a built-in bow holder, so you can comfortably store your gear after installing the stand.

Other features vary by brand, with some models offering features like instructional DVDs that outline exactly how to use your tree stand safely. If you are hiking or trekking, look for features like a slim profile to find an ultra-lightweight stand for your trip.

While lightweight models are a popular option for longer trips, these climbing tree stands may not have as many features as other models. Rails are also an important feature to consider, especially if you are using a bow. Tree stands without rails, or without rails, allow you to shoot your bow more comfortably.

Choosing the Right Tree

Finding a tree is the first step to install a climbing tree stand. For a successful installation, choose a tree with the following features:

  • Undamaged roots, limbs and trunk
  • A circumference large enough to support your weight
  • ​A height that rises above ground-level line of sight
  • A straight trunk that doesn't angle in either direction

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding trunk size, and use the recommend safety equipment at all times to avoid falling or injuring the tree by using an improper climbing method. Installation methods can vary slightly by brand, making it important to follow the instructions that you receive with your stand to ensure the stand is installed properly. There are some basic methods to install climbing tree stands that work with a wide range brands and models.

How To Install Climbing Tree Stands

To install the stand, secure each section of the stand to the tree using the provided equipment, and attach stabilizer straps to the bottom section to keep the sections securely connected.

Attach your safety harness before you begin to climb the tree. To climb the tree with a sit-and-climb stand, bring the stand up to sitting height and angle the stand upward to account for your the downward pull of your body weight. Sit on the top section, and use your hands to pull yourself and the top section upward while pulling the bottom section up with your feet.

Hand-climbing stands are installed in the same manner as sit-and-climbs, but you need to use your legs to pull the bottom section upward, rather than your feet. When you reach the desired height, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the stand to the tree.

Are Climbing Tree Stands Safe?

When used properly, and with the recommended safety devices, climbing tree stands are a safe option. To improve safety, use the tree stand with the safety devices recommended by the manufacturer, and use stabilizer straps on two-piece tree stands to keep the pieces securely connected while you are in the stand.

Regular maintenance is also important to use climbers safely. As part of your regular maintenance, check each part of the stand before using it, and closely inspect the straps and safety devices. Replace any straps or devices that are damaged or worn, and avoid using the stand if the metal frame is damaged. If you haven’t used a climbing tree stand before, practicing allows you to learn the basics before you take the stand on a trip.

Learning The Basics

Always read and follow the instructions that are included with the stand for a safe installation. If your climbing tree stand includes a DVD, watch it carefully before you begin using your tree stand. You can practice using your climbing tree stand with any tree that has a circumference large enough to support your weight.

Begin by learning the basics of pulling the tree stand up using the recommended installation method, and only move higher when you have the basics mastered. Practicing also helps you improve your safety before heading to an isolated area, where minor accidents can quickly become dangerous situations.

Climbing Tree Stand Reviews

1. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

The Viper SD Climbing Treestand by Summit Treestands is a sturdy 20-pound tree stand that safely supports up to 300 pounds. The welded aluminum joints are designed to withstand regular use without breaking, and the stand includes all the hardware you need to safely install the stand.

The Viper SD Climbing Treestand is designed for an ultra-quiet installation. Features include a foam-filled, hollow aluminum stand and a quick-draw cable system that allows you to install the tree stand quickly. The cable system has a trigger feature that automatically secures the cable without adjusting pins or knobs for quieter operation.

This tree stand also offers included safety features. The full body harness system provides secure use, and the adjustable boot straps are designed to stay in place so you don’t have to make adjustments during the installation.

The climbing tree stand also has padded arm rests, full back support and a padded foam seat to offer you comfortable seating for all-day waits. All padding is covered in camouflage patterned material to help you blend into the surrounding environment.

This ultra-quiet stand is a little more pricey than some basic models, and the heavy weight makes this stand more suitable for short hikes than longer trips. Overall, if you seek comfort and don’t mind the extra weight. The extra safety features are particularly helpful if you are are just learning how to use portable tree stands, which helps take the sting out of the slightly higher price tag.

  • Comfortable padding
  • Foam-filled frame is quiet
  • ​Safety gear included
  • ​Aluminum Frame makes it nice and light to walk long distances
  • Easy to put together
  • Fast climbing
  • Heavier than some models
  • Higher cost

2. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

The Wide Sit & Climb Combo II from Lone Wolf has a spacious seat and a full size platform to give you more space while waiting for your target. The seat is padded with a contoured foam cushion for an extra layer of comfort. The stand also has a convenient bow holder that fit a wide range of parallel bows. With an on-board holder, you can free your hands without worrying about dropping your bow.

The oversized aluminum frame has a sturdy one-piece design to make climbing easier. This climbing tree stand has a 350-pound weight capacity to provide a sturdy place for you and your gear. While the tree stand weighs in at 21 pounds, it has a slim profile of just four inches for an ultra-portable design that doesn’t take up a lot of storage space between uses.

The Wide Sit & Climb Combo II has a six-point safety harness and a pivoting climbing bar that makes installing the tree stand faster, easier and safer. The included backpack straps and bungee cord allow you to effortlessly move the stand to a new location, carry the tree stand with a bungee cord to allow for a safer installation.

The seat is tan and brown to make you nearly invisible among the trees, but the silver frame may reduce your ability to blend into the background environment. The grey platform has an open design with a pattern that looks like natural tree bark so it blends into the tree nicely.

This stand is a good option when you wanta spacious climbing tree stand that is easy to install and portable enough to take on longer hikes. This climbing tree stand has a higher cost than less feature-heavy options, but the added comfort and convenient features may be worth the cost if you take the stand out several times a year.

  • Higher weight capacity
  • Larger space offers more leg room
  • ​Ultra-slim profile
  • ​Easy to set up
  • Great for the mobile hunter
  • Super Comfortable
  • Colors may not blend in some environments
  • Fewer features than other tree stands within the same price range

3. Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

The 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand from Summit Treestands has a wide seat and a 350 pound weight capacity to make your next trip into the woods more comfortable. This tree stand has camouflage pattern on the seat and arm rests, and the round seat allows you to turn in any direction for fast position changes that don’t require moving the stand.

The 180 Max SD tree stand has the signature Summit Treestand design, with a foam-filled aluminum frame that reduces sound during the installation and a quick draw, trigger-operated cable system that makes setup fast, quiet and easy. The tree stand includes rapid climb stirrups and a full body harness to improve safety, and the included bungee cords make carrying the stand on your backpack easy.

This climbing tree stand also offers a larger platform to give you more space to stretch your legs, while the extended top backrest provides comfortable support for taller people. At 23 pounds, this tree stand does weigh in on the heavy side, but the flexibility of a round seat provides you with more vantage paints from a single position than most options available today.

The 180 Max SD Treestand does have a higher price point than some other options. The added comfort of this larger-than-average tree stand may be worth the cost if you spend most of your weekends in the woods, or if you want a quality tree stand that can last for many seasons.

  • Round seat allows easy movement in stand
  • Feature-heavy model is more versatile
  • ​Padded seat is comfortable for longer use
  • ​Smooth; quiet (string suppressor and stabilizer)
  • Advanced grip design
  • Heavier weight may be hard to carry for long distances
  • Somewhat bulky to carry
  • Noisy to carry in and set up

4. Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber is a no-frills model that is designed to provide many years of reliable use. This tree stand has a sturdy steel frame that can withstand heavy use, and the matte finish prevents light from reflecting off the frame so you aren’t easily noticed from ground level.

The net seat is 21 inches wide to give you enough room to sit comfortably, but the seat isn’t cushioned. The stand weighs 29 pounds, making it heavier than most aluminum models, but the added durability of steel offers a much longer lifespan than some lighter options available.

The stand has a 300 pound weight capacity and installs using a standard straight bar. If you are just learning how to install and use climbing tree stand, this stand may be a little more difficult to install than stands with pivoting climbing bar. You need to provide your own safety harness and other safety gear to use the stand.

This climbing tree stand does have a reversible gun rest that becomes a straight bar or a foot rest to provide with a versatile option that is suitable for use with both guns and bows. The affordable price is a big advantage, particularly when you use the tree stand often. While some models wear out quickly, this steel climber is can withstand regular use for an extended time.

  • Built to last for an extended time
  • Affordable
  • ​Reversible gun rest
  • One of the heaviest climbing tree stands available
  • Can be difficult for beginners to install

5. X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand

Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand

The X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand is only 16 pounds, offering you a lightweight option for longer hikes. The tree stand has a classic camouflage seat to reduce your visibility, and the seat is a spacious 21 inches wide with an adjustable depth of up to 16 inches.

This climber has a sturdy aluminum frame that holds up to 300 pounds, and the cable system is is designed with nylon washers to make the installation quieter. The cables have a rubber coating to prevent wear and tear caused by regular use.

The X-Stand Deluxe climbing tree stand doesn’t have a lot of extra features. The net seat is paired with padded armrests that are camouflage patterned to reduce visibility, but the tree stand doesn’t have a cushioned seat or a back rest, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

The built-in backpack straps are removable so you can install the tree stand without extra straps in the way, and the backpack straps make carrying the tree stand through rough terrain a little easier. For improved safety, the X-Stand Deluxe tree stand comes with a four point harness, and the stand folds flat so you can store it easily at the end of the season.

  • Lightweight for increased portability
  • Includes safety gear
  • ​Includes backpack straps
  • No backrest and minimal padding are less comfortable
  • Feature-light model makes storing gear more difficult


The 180 Max SD Treestand from Summit Treestands is the ultimate tree stand when you are looking for a comfortable option that is spacious enough for you and your gear. A quiet installation is a must when visiting wooded areas, and this climbing tree stand has some of the best noise reducing technology available.

This tree stand is easy enough for beginners to use and comfortable enough for experienced hunters to invest in, and the round seat allows you to easily change your vantage point to give you more opportunities to spot targets from any side within seconds.

The seat is also height adjustable so you can easily find a custom position to make waiting for your target a little more comfortable. The 180 Max SD is an excellent choice for short hikes, or when you are familiar with the terrain.

At 23 pounds, this tree stand isn’t lightweight, it does offer a full range of features that allow both new and seasoned outdoors enthusiasts to have a more comfortable experience.

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