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Best Crossbow for the Money 2018

Crossbows are often chosen by hunters in place of rifles. A crossbow is a type of weapon that is composed of a bow, which is mounted on a stock, providing an accurate yet nearly silent shot that is desirable for hunters. Aside from hunting, crossbows are chosen quite regularly for shooting sports, target shooting, and competitions across the world.

Although not widely used in weapons capacity, crossbows are still utilized by some military personnel. Before running out to buy a crossbow, there are a few things you should take into consideration. There are five crossbows that stand out among the competition as being the best crossbows for the money. These five are:


How to Choose the Best Crossbow

There are numerous components of a crossbow that work to determine which is the perfect selection for you. When choosing the best crossbow, it is important to consider what you intend to use it for. Some of the most crucial components to consider are the safety, accuracy, and weight of the crossbow.


Crossbows that are equipped with higher draw weights or longer string travel can cause you to strain your back or shoulders during use. It is important that the crossbow is a comfortable weight and size in order to ensure you are able to use the weapon safely.


The leading problem with accuracy in shooting a crossbow comes with off-center cocking. Having a marginal loading ability will make this problem even worse. If you are unable to cock the bow perfectly on your own, consider using light limbs to help. These make cocking a crossbow much easier, especially when compared to Vixens string. Additionally, a rope cocking aid can help cut the weight of the bow almost in half while guaranteeing a perfect alignment. Generally, a rope cocker will cost a hefty amount, so choosing the right weight, in the beginning, will eliminate the need of an aid and ensure comfortable use.


It is extremely important that your crossbow is comfortable to use. You should be able to comfortably cock it without having to strain too much. If it is extremely difficult for you to use the crossbow, then it is probably best for you to choose one with lower weight. If you have problems with your upper limbs, it is best to choose one with a reduced forward weight. This allows you to cock, hold, and shoot the crossbow without too much strain on the upper limbs.

What are the Advantages/Benefits of this type of product?

When it comes to using a crossbow, there are several advantages and benefits of using the product.

One of the most convenient factors of using a crossbow is that it requires no energy or effort to keep the crossbow fully drawn once it has been cocked. This enables hunters to focus on their target rather than exert energy toward keeping the crossbow aimed.

Crossbows are easy to use when in a sitting or kneeling position. These weapons use the same aiming mechanism as rifles, ensuring enhanced accuracy and precision during each use. Additionally, crossbows can be used with scopes for better aim.

Crossbows can shoot targets faster, compared to compound bows, at targets up to 50-yards away.

What to look for when selecting a crossbow?

When selecting a crossbow, first determine the budget you hope to work with. Each price range presents its own set of benefits for a bow. Less expensive options are great for beginners or people who are not quite sure if crossbows are right for them. Purchasing a crossbow under $100 allows you to get your feet wet without breaking the bank. Inexpensive models let you test the shooting, see what is needed for cocking, aiming, and shooting. Like any other weapon, you get what you pay for with crossbows. Spending a little more on a crossbow will provide a more comfortable cocking experience and aiming. Some models have quivers, scope sights, and cocking devices that allow owners to use crossbows effortlessly. Even if you are not interested in spending hundreds of dollars upfront, some attachments for aiming and cocking can be purchased as time goes on.

Finding the perfect weight is a crucial part of selecting the right crossbow. The weight of a crossbow determines how fast and far the arrow will travel. The lower the weight, the less impact it will have on the target. A quality crossbow has a weight between 150-to-175-pounds, which is typically enough to kill a whitetail from a reasonable distance. Some heavy duty crossbows have weights up to 200-pound, which is often state’s maximum weight allowance. Consider what you plan to target in order to determine the perfect weight range for you.

What is the best way to use a crossbow?

Learning how to use a crossbow can seem overwhelming; however, the task itself is not too difficult. Following a few simple steps will ensure you are on the right path to shooting.

  • Cock the Bow - This task requires you to insert your foot into the stirrup located on the front of the bow. Pull the crossbow string back and loop it around both sides of the barrel evenly.
  • Load the Bow - Once the crossbow is cocked, load an arrow into the barrel. It is important to align the cock vane of the arrow with the channel in the barrel. Nock on the arrow until it is secured in place.
  • Aim The Crossbow - Use sight pins or a mounted scope to find the target. Do not wrap your thumbs around the forearm of the crossbow and make sure there are no limbs or body parts in the way of the crossbow strings. These will snap back once you shoot and could cause injury.
  • Shoot the Crossbow - Once you have your target in sight, squeeze the trigger. The trigger mechanism works in the same manner as a rifle. Once the trigger is squeezed tight enough, you will hear a popping sound signifying the release of the bow and the arrow will launch forward.

Controversy around this product

Some hunters view crossbows as an irresponsible way to incorporate technology into the hunting experience. Newer crossbows are able to generate more energy, traveling nearly 115-foot-pounds and 350-feet per second shaft velocity. Some hunters believe that allowing crossbows during archery season will undoubtedly increase the number of hunters out each season by over 200,000 over a three-year period in Pennsylvania alone.

Prerequisites to using a crossbow

Before purchasing a crossbow, it is extremely important to find out if there are any state regulations regarding their use. Numerous states define crossbows as legal weapons to use during archery season, while others only allow their use during firearm season. Some states, like Oregon for example, consider crossbows illegal to use during any hunting season. Familiarize yourself with the legality of a crossbow before you find yourself target to legal issues.

Top 5 Crossbow Reviews

There are five crossbows that are considered the best options available for the price. Each of these top products is summarized below.

1. Bear X Crossbows Archery

The 32-inch Bear X crossbow has a draw weight of 180-pounds, perfect for hunting whitetail and other animals. This crossbow has the ability to shoot 350-feet-per-second, making it an excellent choice for targets some distance away. This company is known for producing safe, accurate, fast, and dependable products and this crossbow does not fall short at meeting customers expectations. This product was designed for individuals who want to spend more time in the woods with highly reliable products. This bow is equipped with multiple grab locations, making it an exceptional option for shooters of different sizes and ages. The trigger system on this cross bow is a 3XS, one of Bear’s exclusive designs. Additionally, this crossbow comes with accessories needed to get users out shooting immediately.

Users report being extremely pleased with the craftsmanship of this crossbow. The bow itself is beautiful and it maneuvers without any issues. This is a reasonably priced crossbow that compares well to products costing several hundred dollars more. The shooting experience is phenomenal and the accuracy of the scope is flawless.

Some individuals report being displeased with the fore grips and did not like the “boxy” design of the crossbow. One user, in particular, is displeased with the product, especially considering the company’s claim that it took two years to develop the perfect design.

Overall, this crossbow is built to impress. The quality of the product, accuracy, and reliability of the crossbow as a whole are incomparable to other brands offering products in the same price range.

  • 350-feet-per-second speed
  • 180-pound draw weight
  • Excellent quality scope
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • ​Excellent accuracy
  • Great crossbow for any level shooter
  • Boxy design
  • Uncomfortable foregrip design

2. Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow

This large crossbow packs a 150-pound draw weight, ideal for sending arrows straight through targets and using during hunting season. This product is an affordable alternative to crossbow shooting, equipped with a red dot scope and a lightweight composite stock. This crossbow is designed for right handed users, so left-handed users will need to adjust or choose a different crossbow. The butt pad is fully adjustable, so you can get into a comfortable position during every use. Additionally, this crossbow comes with a limb assembly that detaches quickly, a foot stirrup with anti-vibration qualities, and a fore grip with finger reminder and pass-through. This product is reasonably priced and reduces noise and vibration by up to 30-percent when compared to the competition.

The structure of this crossbow overall is exceptional. The trigger is a metal injected mold, which provides one of the tightest quality tolerances available on the market. The trigger pull is extremely low and puts out less jerk during use.

Although this crossbow does not contain all the characteristics of $1000 bows, for the price it is incomparable. Users find this crossbow to be perfect for practicing and shooting small items. This crossbow is extremely easy to maneuver and the trigger mechanism is praised highly by users. The limbs are made with fiberglass, which some users were concerned about when considering the longevity of product use.

The fact that this crossbow is highly affordable and comes with a stringer, string cocker, quiver, bolts, and a scope is extremely satisfying to customers. The complete package provides everything needed to get out target practicing or hunting quickly.

  • 150-pound draw weight
  • The foot stirrup does not vibrate
  • Finger reminders make this a great choice for beginners
  • Extremely lightweight stock
  • ​Red dot scope is premium quality
  • The limb detaches quickly
  • Butt pad is adjustable
  • Fiberglass limbs

3. Cobra System K-8025 80-pound Crossbow

Cobra System K-8025 80-pound Crossbow

This ultra-lightweight crossbow is self-cocking and contains an 80-pound draw weight. This pistol-style crossbow has a body made of strong plastic and a bow that is made with compressed fiberglass molded into shape. This is an inexpensive option, desirable for beginners, and it has the ability to shoot arrows up to 165-feet-per-second.

This crossbow is an exceptional choice for individuals breaking into the sport of target practice as well as small game hunting. The self-cocking mechanism works to shorten reload time, making the process a breeze. Some users found that this item requires two thumbs to disengage the crossbow. Individuals were also displeased with how quickly it locks back into place once disengaged. This crossbow is designed for right handed users, so left-handed users will need to adjust or choose a different crossbow.

The bottom line with this crossbow is that you get what you pay for. This is an extremely inexpensive model. Its basic components allow users to participate in an exciting shooting experience without all the added bonuses. This crossbow does not come with a scope or any aim assist and is made with relatively inexpensive materials. As such, cocking the bow manually may be more difficult than more expensive models. This product is far more powerful than users anticipated, but some users showed concern about how dangering it can be.

  • Pistol style crossbow
  • Comes with three arrows
  • Great for target practice and small game hunting
  • ​Great for beginners or advanced shooters
  • Quick reload mechanism
  • Low draw weight
  • Relatively slow speed
  • Not ideal for large game hunting

4. SA Sports Fever Crossbow

SA Sports Fever Crossbow

This is a reasonably priced crossbow that is designed for left and right handed users. The automatic safety is ambidextrous, making it a safer option for left-handed shooters. The foot stirrup is large enough to be used with boots and the quiver is designed with a quick-detach mechanism making it easier than ever to use. Both the track and barrel are lightweight, made with composite material.

The crossbow comes with an adjustable weaver style scope mount, which works to make aiming during shooting a breeze. In addition to the camo pattern crossbow, you will receive four 16-inch aluminum arrows and a 4×32 multi-range scope so you can get out there shooting quicker than you’d thought possible.

Users report being extremely pleased with how light and quiet this crossbow is. One individual stated that this worked extremely well hunting 220-pound deer within 15-yards. This is a reliable option for individuals who do not have endless budgets to choose the most advanced product. This crossbow is reasonably priced, equipped with an extremely reliable scope, and shoots will extreme power.

One user found that this bow was quite dangerous as they were unable to get the arrows to lay in the guide properly. Users with some experience will be able to notice these types of issues immediately, but it can wreak havoc for beginners. Overall, this is one of the best crossbows available for the money. The excellent composition, the stylish design, and the ease-of-use make it an extremely reliable option.

  • The safety is ambidextrous
  • Stirrup fits over large boots
  • The weaver stype scope mount is adjustable
  • The track/barrel is lightweight
  • ​Attractive camo finish
  • Bolts are not too reliable
  • Strings break easily

5. Leader Accessories Crossbow Package

Leader Accessories Crossbow Package

The crossbow by Leader Accessories comes in just under 9-pounds and packs a 325-feet-per-second speed. This crossbow has 150-pound draw weight, a 14.5-inch power stroke, and a 5-pound trigger pull, great for shooting at larger targets. In addition to being equipped with an anti-dry-fire mechanism, this crossbow comes with numerous accessories sure to provide the ideal shooting experience.

The padded sling provides an ideal amount of comfort during carrying and shooting. Some users report having problems with assembly due to difficult-to-follow instructions. Other users report having problems with the strings where they experienced popping and breaking after few uses. The crossbow is quite large, and some users found difficulty in maneuvering the product due to its size and weight.

Although directions are exactly clear, most users assembled the entire crossbow and gathered the accessories in under 30-minutes. Users are pleased with the power of the shots and extremely happy with the scope.

Individuals were extremely pleased with the ability to attach an AMS crossbow retriever to the bow for fishing. Additionally, the rope cocking device makes reloading easier than imagined.

Overall, this is one of the best crossbows available in the $200 range. This crossbow comes with several accessories designed to make using the crossbow easier and more comfortable than ever before.

  • Available in black or green camo
  • 150-pound draw weight
  • 325 feet-per-second speed
  • Lightweight design
  • ​Anti-dry-fire mechanism
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories
  • Large sized crossbow
  • Strings are not the best quality


Crossbowing is not for everyone. There is more flexibility in using crossbows, compared to compound bows, due to their relative ease-of-use. These products make exceptional target tools and are great for hunting.

Out of the top five products above, the SA Sports Fever Crossbow is by-far the best option. This crossbow comes in extremely affordable and is a reliable shooting option for both left and right handed users. The included accessories making shooting easier-than-ever and the affordability is just right.

Before you run out and purchase your next crossbow, it is extremely important for you to consider what you want to use it for, when you want to use it, and how much weight you need. Check local and state guidelines to determine if there are any guidelines for usage. Safety is extremely important, so if you are not familiar with using crossbows, you may want to consider hiring a skilled professional to teach you all the tricks of the trade.


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