Best portable deer hoist

Best Portable Deer Hoist (Buying Guide of 2018)

Deer hoists have various uses that can benefit a diverse array of individuals, including hunters, taxidermists, auto mechanics, as well as other individuals in need of lifting heavy objects. A deer hoist is classified as a device that is responsible for raising a deer’s body, and it is typically used by hunters for various reasons. Generally, they can either be used to display an animal or to prepare the animal. Here are 5 of the best portable deer hoists found on Amazon:

A portable deer hoist is responsible for raising a deer’s body in order for the device’s user to accomplish their motive. An individual may need a deer hoist in order to showcase and display their deer, to lift the deer into a vehicle for tranportation, to weigh the animal, or even to clean or prepare the animal after a killing for a variety of purposes.

Since there are many uses for deer hoists, a variety of people may use this device. They’re typically used by hunters because the deer hoist allows hunters to easily transport their deer into a vehicle as well as clean their animal after they have killed it.

Deer are heavy animals, making it almost impossible to lift the animal into a vehicle by yourself. This makes the deer hoist beneficial because it allows for only one individual to raise a deer into a vehicle, providing convenience to hunters that are hunting alone.

In addition to this, other people that may use a deer hoist may be auto mechanics, taxidermists, or even individuals that are camping. Auto mechanics may need a deer hoist to lift heavy car parts, since the hoist is specifically designed to lift objects of heavy weight.

Additionally, a taxidermist may also use a deer hoist to raise the animal to clean, prepare, and even to stuff the animal for showing. And another use for deer hoists is for individuals that go camping because they can hang their food in the air and prevent raccoons and even bears from coming into contact with their food.

How to Choose the Right Deer Hoist?

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to finding the right deer hoist for your needs. This includes how it is powered, the type of system the hoist presents, where the hoist anchors to, the material that the hoist is made out of, and the customer reviews.

The hoist can either be electronically powered, battery powered, or manually powered with a crank or a winch. Each of these different types of power offers a different amount of strength towards the raising of the object.

The type of system is an important factor to consider because different systems are better for different uses. Most hoists that are used for deer operate with a pulley system because it’s easier for the deer to gradually be lifted off of the ground with ropes. But other systems can be equally as beneficial, depending on the object that you want to be hoisted into the air.

The hoist must be anchored to another object to ensure that it has the maximum amount of stability needed to raise the deer into the air. Some devices may anchor to the ground, and others may anchor to a vehicle’s hitch.

Another anchoring location may be a tree or a pole, which is convenient because trees are easily accessible and this does not require any other resources other than the hoist and the animal. The material that a hitch is made out of is important because you will need one that is both lightweight and offers maximum durability as well as stability.

You need a lightweight one so that it can be easily transported, and you’ll need a durable and stable one because it is going to be lifting heavy objects. Most hoists for deer are made from a steel construction because steel is both lightweight and durable, which allows for the user to easily store the device as well as easily raise the animal above the ground.

Lastly, the customer reviews are an important factor to consider because they are made from people who have personally bought that particular product and can give advice about whether it is a good investment or not.

What is a Gambrel and Why is it Important?

A gambrel is a device shaped like a stick, and it is used to keep the legs of the animal hoisted up and separate. Having a gambrel is beneficial because it becomes easier for the user of the hoist to stabilize the animal, eliminating the possibility of the animal swaying while being worked on.

In addition to this, the gambrel is also beneficial to have because it allows for the hunter or user to easily prepare the animal. Some hoists come with a gambrel, since it is an important component to have when it comes to stabilizing the animal, but they often have to be purchased separately (

Advantages of a Deer Hoist

  • Displays the animal in an easily accessible way, making for easy preparation
  • Allows for an individual to prepare the animal alone without the help of another person
  • Makes for easy lifting up of an animal, since it requires only one person and it is usually powered by a manual crank system
  • Can be anchored in a variety of different locations
  • Since they are designed for lifting heavy weights, hoists can be used for the lifting of a variety of different objects​

Disadvantages of a Deer Hoist

  • Some hoists do not come with a gambrel
  • Some devices weigh more, making it a burden to transport the hoist around both manually and in a vehicle
  • Since there is a wide variety of hoists that anchor to different objects, it can be difficult to find the right one for your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a hoist lift?

A typical hoist is capable of lifting anywhere from 300 to 600 pounds. But this depends on the type of material that the hoist is made out of as well as the construction of that particular hoist. Most hoists are made from a steel construction, which is beneficial to the user because steel is both lightweight and durable.

Can the hoist be used to lift more than just deer?

Not necessarily. This also depends on the type of hoist that you have in particular. Some hoists that anchor onto a vehicle’s hitch are only capable of lifting deer and other smaller animals, such as wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc. But there are some hoists that are known for their ability to lift great amounts of weight, even car parts.

Why do I need a gambrel and is it worth buying?

A gambrel is used to keep the legs of the animal separate as you’re hoisting the animal up. Hunters use these devices to keep the animal stable, and they are also used to make the preparation of the animal easier. If the hoist that you purchased doesn’t include a gambrel, then it is a worthy investment because it gives the animal stability, which is required when you’re preparing the deer.

Even though it’s a cranking system, don’t you still have to be strong enough to lift the deer, since you’re moving the crank with your own strength?

No. Most cranking system hoists come with gears that lock in place after the object has been lifted through one gear. You are required to crank the device yourself, but the product does all of the heavy lifting for you.

How much does a typical portable deer hoist weigh?

A typical portable deer hoist usually weighs anywhere from 30 pounds to 50 pounds. Since it is lightweight, this allows for you to easily carry it to your vehicle to the spot that you want to hoist the deer into the air.

Does a deer hoist come apart in pieces for storage?

Most portable deer hoists do come apart for storage because they are specifically designed to be able to fit into vehicles, since they are classified as portable. But occasionally there are some products that do not separate, making it more difficult to store inside smaller vehicales. Generally, all portable deer hoists will at least be able to fit into the bed of a truck, if no other location is available.

What are the Best Portable Deer Hoists?

Although they all seem to offer the same general concept of lifting animals and heavy objects into the air, portable deer hoists have various different features that can label one brand better than the other. Since deer hoists can be used for a great amount of different projects, there are multiple different designs specifically made for each different use. Here are the best portable deer hoists that have been found from Amazon, based off of their individual features and capabilities.

1. HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist

HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist

This product features a complete kit, which includes both a winch as well as a gambrel. It presents a shaft that swivels 360 degrees and includes a locking pin system for the swivel pivot. This product presents an adjustable support foot that provides the user with maximum stability as well as customizability. Not only that, but the device also offers an adjustable height, which can range anywhere from 74 inches to 102 inches. Additionally, this deer hoist presents an anti-swivel gambrel system, which provides the user with maximum stability while preparing the deer.

  • Can lift up to 400 pounds
  • Product only weighs 45 pounds, offering the user with easy tranportation and storage
  • The cable that comes with the product is 15 feet in length
  • The device’s pieces come apart for storage
  • You’ll need multiple tools to assemble this device together
  • Previous customers have complained about the product tilting from side to side if it’s not properly anchored
  • The price of this product is higher than some of the other devices

2. Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist and Gambrel

Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist and Gambrel

This deer hoist presents its user with a swivel hitch lift system, which swivels 360 degrees around. It attaches to a truck’s hitch, and also offers a manual crank. The manual crank eliminates the need for more than one person to help raise the deer. It’s made from a rugged, tubular steel construction and has steel supports. Additionally, there is a top bracket that locks the gambrel into place. This device uses a pulley system and it is 6.5 foot tall. By having the a tall product, this means that the deer can be raised higher off of the ground if needed. This product also weighs only 35 pounds, making for easy tranportation as well as storage of the device.

  • Can lift up to 300 pounds
  • Breaks down for easy transport as well as storage
  • The steel corner supports give the product maximum durability
  • The hoist comes with a 15.5-inch wide gambrel
  • 5% 1-star reviews on Amazon
  • The handle is thin, causing it to bend and even crack when you are cranking the animal into the air

3. Guide Gear Portable Tripod Game Hanger

Guide Gear Portable Tripod Game Hanger

This device features a quick and easy set up, since it gives the user an instant platform to assemble. This product was field tested and offers a steel construction, which makes for a durable, long-lasting use out of the product. The product reaches 8-foot into the air and weighs 35 pounds, which makes for easy transportation.

  • The device is a tripod design, which eliminates the need for the product to be anchored to any surrounding objects
  • Offers a built-in winch and cable assembly
  • The tripod offers a 3-point steel support, which uses the ground for stability
  • 0% 1-star reviews on Amazon
  • ​Can lift up to 500 pounds
  • Does not include a gambrel
  • Is a very tall and large device that cannot be broken down into separate pieces, making for difficulty when storing it in a vehicle

4. Viking Solutions KwikHoist

Viking Solutions KwikHoist

This device features a simple and quick attachment, since the device can be anchored onto any neighboring tree or pole. The chain that the product presents is able to wrap around any tree or pole that measures anywhere from 6 inches to 20 inches around. The product presents a powder-coat finish and an anodized winch, which allows for the product to have maximum durability as well as a clean look. The product operates with machined pulleys and it can be used for hanging animals, and it’s also fit for hanging feeders in the air.

  • The product only weighs 18 pounds, making for easy transportation
  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • The height of the product can be adjusted and is customizable, since the user can simply anchor the device to a tree or pole at their desired height
  • The chain to anchor the device to an object is smaller than some of the customers expected, according to Amazon’s customer reviews
  • Product is more expensive than some of the other devices
  • The gambrel is not included, but there is a hook at the end of the cable for a gambrel to be attached

5. Foreverlast Hitch Hoist

Foreverlast Hitch Hoist

This product features a heavy duty winch and cable system, which gives its user maximum durability and support. This device also offers its user with a 360 degree pivot ability, making for easy accessibility. The 360 degree swivel ability gives its user easier accessibility to different parts of the animal. This host fits a standard 2-inch receiver hitch, and it weighs 50 pounds, allowing for the product to be easily transported and stored.

  • Can lift up to 450 pounds
  • Swivels 360 degrees, making it easy for the user to prepare the animal alone, since the animal is stable
  • Anchors onto the hitch of a vehicle, allowing for easy set up
  • Product is more expensive than the other devices
  • Gambrel is not included with the purchase
  • Customer reviews on Amazon show that customers are complaining about the hoist unit not properly fitting onto the hitch unit

In Summary...

Overall, after considering all of the important factors that are involved with choosing the right portable deer hoist, the best portable deer hoist product is the HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist. It has an overall better satisfaction rate out of all of its customers online, and it offers the best range of beneficial features for its users.

The HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist not only comes with a gambrel as well as a 360 degree swivel shaft, but this product is better the other deer hoists mentioned here because of its ability to customize in order to fit the needs of its user. For example, there is an adjustable support foot, which has the ability to adapt to the type of ground that it’s anchored on, whether it’s grass, gravel, or even rocks.

In addition to this, the HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist also offers an adjustable height, which has a range of 28 inches. This feature helps the user customize the hoist to both their personal height as well as the height of the deer that they are lifting.

Furthermore, this product is classified as the best portable deer hoist because the product comes apart, making for the best storage, transportation, as well as portability. Not only that, but this product also only weighs 45 pounds, which benefits the user’s ability to store and transport this product.

This product comes with a gambrel, which is an advantage to the user because they are not required to purchase a gambrel separately, and this product also presents an anti-swivel gambrel system. This system gives the animal support and stability when it comes to preparation.

Although this product is more expensive than the other devices, it is made of a higher quality design and offers better overall customer reviews. In addition to that, this product also offers its users the ability to use this device for a wide range of projects, including lifting car parts, hanging feeders, and even lifting other heavy objects into higher places.

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