BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow

One of the most difficult aspects of becoming an experienced bow or crossbow user is the difficult in choosing a piece of equipment. The BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow offers a reasonably-priced, reliable crossbow for youth or amateur crossbow enthusiasts, with a variety of features. Priced affordably to avoid breaking the bank, yet with a surprising amount of features for an entry-level crossbow, the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow is an excellent choice for younger or inexperienced shooters.


Draw Weight



The Seeker Crossbow

80 lbs

200 FPS

BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow

BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow

  • Inexpensive price allows for beginner shooters to easily enter the fray
  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty will cover any mishaps in the first year
  • Ease of use allows great accessibility, especially to inexperienced shooters
  • Safety mechanism prevents dry fires and potential damage to bow
  • ​Easy cocking mechanism through stock is great for younger shooters
  • Strong grip allows for inexperienced shooters to get a feel for shooting
  • String may fray and need replacement after some time
  • Stock may flex during use, as has been reported by some users
  • Stock screws may wear down with repeated use, and may need replacement

Key Features

This crossbow offers some impressive and useful features, especially for a bow within this price point. While certainly lacking some upper-level features, for the retail price, the features of the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow are difficult to beat. Check out the detailed features of the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow below.

Safety Mechanism

The safety features of any bow or crossbow are incredibly important to protect the shooter as well as those in the surrounding area. This crossbow offers dry-fire protection, which as well as safeguarding from potential accidents, can also help to protect the bow from the damage of a dry-fire, extending the life of the product.

Front Grip

The plastic front grip of this crossbow offers a stable grip to help increase the accuracy of the shots. Especially for a younger or inexperienced shooter, this feature is very helpful to encourage good form and shooting habits while still in the learning stage of using a crossbow.

Plastic Stock

The plastic stock at the rear of this crossbow offers increased stability as well as helping to balance the weight of the bow. Many crossbows at this size and price-point do not have a stock, making the stock of this bow a surprising but satisfying feature.

Self Cocking Mechanism

The self-cocking mechanism of this crossbow takes a lot of the difficulty out of learning to shoot. Many crossbows have a heavy draw and can be quite difficult to load, deterring many younger or more inexperienced shooters from learning how to shoot. By including a self-cocking feature that integrates well with the stock, the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow makes cocking a breeze. As with many of the features of this bow, this is excellent to encourage new shooters.

Elevation Sights

Included on this crossbow are a set of adjustable elevation sights to increase accuracy of shots, particularly at a distance. This allows shooters to learn to shoot at greater distance as well as encouraging familiarity with adjusting the features of their crossbow.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty is excellent in that it will cover any defects or mishaps within the first year of use. For beginners, this is a great feature, as they are more likely to experience issues when they are first learning to shoot.

80 Pound Draw

The 80 pound draw on this crossbow offers enough strength to fish and hunt small game while maintaining a low price and relatively easy cocking. Able to send bolts at 200 feet per second, this crossbow offers an excellent compromise between cost and power.

How Does it Compare to other Crossbows?

Overall, this product is an excellent choice for someone who has never shot a crossbow before, or for a younger shooter who wants to learn early and start gaining experience with shooting, without spending a lot of money. The low price of this bow, combined with it’s features, make it an excellent choice.

There are similar products such as this 80 pound crossbow, that may offer features attractive to some users, such as the included scope. However, this crossbow, as well as many others around this price point, typically come with a decrease in draw power, as in the case of this bow, which is capable of sending bolts at 160 feet per second, as opposed to the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow, which sends bolts at 200 feet per second.

While certainly a great product, the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow may not be the best choice for everyone. Some users may find that this crossbow is too small or does not have enough power for their purposes. The 80 pound draw is reasonable for a smaller and less expensive crossbow, but for users who want something a little more powerful, this crossbow may be a better choice. Still priced under $100, the 150-pound crossbow draw offers roughly double the power without increasing the price by a large amount.

For someone wanting to increase on power even farther, this 175 pound crossbow priced at $99 offers a stronger alternative while still keeping costs fairly low. Typically at the price point of these bows, the sub $100 range, draw strengths of greater than around 175 pounds do not exist, or do at the expense of other features (such as stocks or safety features.)

In Summary

For a young or inexperienced shooter,the BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow is a great choice that can offer an introduction to crossbow shooting without breaking the bank. The combination of excellent features, accessibility and low price create a product that will certainly resonate with it’s target audience and offer a satisfying experience.

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