carbon express blade crossbow

Crossbow archery adds a new dimension and new challenges to hunting. Many hunters are now embracing the crossbow because in many places it allows them to extend their hunting season and fun. The biggest enemies of the crossbow hunter are recoil and noise that scares away game. The Carbon Express Blade crossbow series has developed a bow that is lightweight and solves these issues through superior design.

The X-Force Blade crossbow comes with everything you need to get ready to hunt as soon as it arrives.

The Ready-to-Hunt Kit includes:

  • The Carbon Express X-Force Blade crossbow
  • Lightweight, yet powerful
  • Adjustable stock for a perfect fit
  • Built-in aluminum rail for consistent performance
  • 3 Piledriver 20-inch crossbow bolts with moon nocks
  • 3 Field points, 100 grain
  • 1 4 X 32 scope
  • 1 Quick detach 3 bolt quiver
  • 1 Rope Cocker
  • 1 Bottle rail lubricant


Draw Weight



Carbon Express Blade Crossbow Package

165 lbs

320 FPS

Carbon Express Blade Crossbow Package

carbon express blade crossbow

  • Adjustable multi-position foregrip for comfort and stability
  • 4 X 32 scope that is water, shock, and fog resistant
  • Scope features 6 reticle crosshairs for targeting and various distances
  • Fast, quiet loading, even when wet
  • ​Anti-dry fire technology prevents firing when bolt is not in place
  • Quiet crank cocking winch must be purchased separately
  • You will probably want to purchase more bolts than are included in the kit
  • Carrying case must be purchased separately

Key Features

The X-Force Blade has a draw weight of 165 pounds and can deliver the bolt at 320 feet per second, which means that it can take down the average deer with ease. It has an adjustable length from 34.5 to 36.5 inches, which means that you can create the perfect fit. In addition, it has a foregrip that can be locked into multiple positions. This allows you to create the perfect length for sighting and creates the maximum stability. These features allow a pull length between 14.25 and 16.25 inches. This makes it right for most adult hunters and larger youth hunters.

The width is 13 inches when cocked and 17.5 inches when uncocked. This makes it easy to carry through dense growth. It is lightweight at 6.5 pounds, which means that you can easily hold it as you wait for just the right shot.

The crossbow comes with a 4 x 32 scope with six reticle crosshairs that allow you to target at various distances. The scope is shock, water, and fog resistant and can hold up to most field environments. It also has anti-dry fire technology that will not allow it to fire when a bolt is not in place. This increases the service life of the crossbow and is an extra safety feature. The safety switch can be used by either a right-handed or left-handed person.

Our Review

There were several things that impressed us about the Carbon Express Blade crossbow X-Force series. The first thing that impressed us was its quietness and ease of loading. The firing mechanism created very little string vibration upon release and was nearly silent. It includes a built-in aluminum rail which will not warp after repeated usage. This means that it will provide consistent performance and extend its usable life.

The scope was accurate, and the crosshairs were easy to see. The six different choices were a nice touch and increase the suitability of the weapon for different shooting conditions. The optics were more accurate at shorter distance than longer ones, but this is typical. However, this bow was more accurate at longer distances than many others on the market.

This feels like a lightweight, yet durable crossbow. They used a skeletal design similar to tactical rifles. This gives it a sturdy and well-built feel that you would expect from pricier models. It is slim when uncocked, which makes it easy to move through the woods, even in thick brush. It also has a thin profile when cocked, which makes it easy to maneuver around branches without spoiling the shot.

One of the best tests of a well-made crossbow is the balance of the weapon. Even the lightweight crossbow can seem heavy if the balance is too far forward. This is a one of the things that stands out as one of the better points of this crossbow. It was comfortable and easy to hold in firing position for long periods of time without causing fatigue. You can keep on target easily.

You can definitely feel the weight of the pull with this crossbow when loading it and adding the crank is highly recommended. The rope that is included helps, but the crank system makes things much easier. This will allow you to stay in the field longer, which is always a good thing.

This crossbow has a Silentech coating that gives the bow a spongy feel and works as sound suppression. This coating works quite well and for most situations you would not need additional sound dampeners. Of course, sound dampeners would make the best even better, but noise is not an issue with this well-balanced weapon.

When using this crossbow for target shooting, be sure to use professional grade targets to avoid pass-throughs. This bow has enough force that you can take down almost any type of game that you want. This bow is one of the better bows for longer ranges at over 40 yards. However, you also need to get used to how the bow shoots at these distances.

How Does It Compare?

The Carbon Express X-Force Blade crossbow is not the most powerful crossbow on the market, but it is enough for most small to medium game in North America. For instance, the Barnet Ghost 410 CRT can reach 410 feet per second and has a 185 pound draw. However, it also makes more noise when you pull the trigger. It has much more vibration than the Carbon Express X-Force.

The Tenpoint Invader G3 has a similar draw and speed rating as the Carbon Express X-Force. The Tenpoint Invader has a draw weight of 165 pounds and can deliver speeds of up to 330 feet per second. However, it was more difficult to cock and seemed to require much more effort for not that much more difference in force. This one was also noisier than the X-Force. It was also heavier and not as well balanced as the X-Force.

Compared to other bows, the X-Force had a heavy pull on the trigger. This could slow down your speed, but it is also is a good in that it makes it less likely you will pull the trigger accidentally and miss your shot. This is just something that you have to get used to with this bow. One thing we did notice is that this heavy trigger gave it a more steady feel when taking aim and squeezing. There is not as much likelihood that you will pull one direction or another as you squeeze the trigger. This helps you keep on target better than a weapon with a lighter trigger.

One of the best features of this bow that even more expensive brands do not offer is the ability to adjust the stock and foregrips to the wide range that is available in this weapon. Being able to adjust the weapon to your body and draw improves the ergonomics of the weapon and allows you to create the feeling that it is an extension of your arm. The weight of the bow is shifted backwards towards the shooter, which helps to balance the weapon. These features help you to improve your accuracy without fatigue and drift.

When compared to other bows of a similar weight and class, the Carbon Express Blade crossbow X-Force series offers a good quality for the price. It would be a great little bow for beginners or experts. This bow was easy to load, easy to shoot, and an overall well-made weapon. It is versatile and would be suitable for a number of hunting conditions, as well as target shooting.

One of the most impressive features of this bow was its quietness when you pull the trigger. The low vibration and low noise are important in the field. This bow would be great for beginners because they do not have to learn to compensate for an unbalanced weapon or a bow that is difficult to sight. They can just focus on honing their skills. However, they will also like it when they become more experienced because of its stability, durability, and consistency over time.

You have to get used to any new bow in the beginning, and this one is no exception. This is a good bow to add to your arsenal whether you are a beginner or seasoned hunter. It should help you fill your freezer or add to your trophy wall.

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