CenterPoint Specialist XL 370

Every hunter, novice or professional, knows that in order to hunt effectively, one needs to have the perfect hunting gear. A crossbow is an excellent hunting equipment that brings precision to the table. The problem for most hunters, however, comes in finding the most suitable bow for their needs. If you are an enthusiastic hunter looking for a crossbow to go with in your next hunting escapades, you might want to consider the CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo. We have taken the liberty of breaking down all you need to know about the XL 370 Camo so that you can know what you are getting.


Draw Weight



CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo Package

185 lbs

370 FPS

Key Features

When it comes to getting yourself a crossbow, one of the most important things to consider is its key features. After all, they are the ones that determine its overall performance. As such, it is imperative to consider each one of them to know what you are in for. That said; let us walk over some of the most amazing specs of the CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo. Below is a huge list of its key features.

Auto-safety trigger and anti-dry fire mechanism

When you are using a crossbow in the field, you need precision because it would be unfortunate to have a weapon that fires by itself. Fortunately, the XL 370 is designed with an auto-safety trigger and an anti-dry fry mechanism that prevent accidental misfires.

Adjustable Buttstock

Another commendable feature of the XL 370 Camo is its adjustable buttstock. In case you don’t know, the buttstock is the rear part of the stock that rests against your shoulders. The fact that it is adjustable makes shooting much easier because you can adjust it to your preferred position.

Camo design

The CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 also features a camo design. Considering that hunting requires stealth, this design is an add-on whenever you are in the field because it enables you to camouflage. Ultimately, when your prey cannot see you, it makes it easier for you to hit it.

Illuminated scope with five brightness settings

The XL 370 also comes fitted with an Illuminated scope that has five brightness settings for better clarity. When you are hunting with a crossbow, accuracy is key. The scope of this crossbow is an excellent feature that helps to optimize your accuracy even when your prey is at a range. The scope of the XL 370 Camo will easily show you where the arrow will go. After all, you do not want to make a bad shot that will leave your prey in pain and wounded.

Adjustable foregrip and rear stock

The XL 370 Camo outshines other bows because it includes an adjustable foregrip and rear stock. This enables it to accommodate a wide range of shooters. Moreover, an adjustable foregrip ensures that there is a minimal strain on your wrist. The feature also ensure that you are able to set the XL 370 in a position that best suits you, allowing you to shoot your prey with ease.

Noise suppressing string stops

When it comes to hunting, stealth is key. The XL 370 meets these standards because it includes noise suppressing string stops. This feature makes it an ideal hunting tool because you can utilize it to shoot prey without startling them.

Draw weight: 185 lbs.

Unlike most crossbows, the XL 370 Camo has a draw weight of 185 pounds. This is quite impressive considering that the overall draw weight for most crossbows ranges from 75 to 125 pounds. Such crossbows are only ideal for moderate ranges. Crossbows that range from 150 pounds and above, on the other hand, are considered high quality crossbows, and the XL 370 falls into this category. Overall, the bigger the draw weight the faster the arrows are.

High speed 370 FPS

The XL 370 is also a reliable crossbow since it comes with excellent speeds that ensure your arrow hits the target just in time.

Large foot stirrup

In order to shoot arrows from a crossbow, you first need to cock it. This is made possible through the stirrup. The CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo has a large foot stirrup that can fit your large-sized hunting boots. This metal frame is located at the front of the crossbow and all you have to do is place your foot inside the stirrup to secure the XL 370 Camo.

CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo Package, Pros & Cons

  • It includes an illuminated scope.
  • The foregrip and stock can be adjusted.
  • It is an excellent choice for a beginner hunter.
  • Its value matches its price.
  • ​It features a sturdy construction.
  • It has a solid grip.
  • It is an accurate and fast crossbow.
  • It is accessorized with all the parts and screws required for its assembly.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The stock is a little fragile.
  • The trigger has a lot of creeps.
  • Reloading the crossbow takes a significant amount of time.
  • The quiver gets in the way of the tripod’s shooting rails.

CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo Review

Ease of use

The CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo is an impressive hunting equipment that is easy to use. In order to use it in the hunting field, all you have to do is assemble it in the easy recommended process. It also comes with all you need to assemble it.

The Design

This crossbow is without a doubt among the crossbows that feature the most amazing designs in the market. Its construction features sturdy and durable materials to ensure you encounter as fewer problems as possible when you are out there hunting. Moreover, its camo design enhances your camouflage, making it easier to hit your targets.

Excellent speeds

The CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo is one of the best crossbows in its categories because of its great speed. This crossbow shoots arrows at a velocity of 370 fps and truth be told; at such speeds, you will barely miss a hit.


This crossbow is also lovable because of its accuracy. The accuracy is primarily enhanced by the scope that comes alongside the crossbow. This scope allows you to view your target from a distance and shoot it without missing. The speed of this crossbow also contributes to its accuracy.

Easily adjustable

Another lovable thing about this crossbow is that it is easily adjustable to accommodate any hunter. The XL 370 Camo is designed with an adjustable foregrip, a rear stock, as well as an adjustable buttstock. All these features work to enhance your comfort while in the field.


Safety is paramount when it comes to hunting with a crossbow. It would be catastrophic if your crossbow misfired. Fortunately, the CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo avoids such incidents through its auto-safety trigger and anti-dry fire mechanism. As such, you can go ahead and enjoy your hunting without posing any danger to yourself or other people.


This crossbow is well packaged. It comes with a rope cocker, three carbon arrows, a scope, and sling. All these accessories are effective in setting up the bow and helping you hunt down your prey or shoot at other targets.


For its quality, the XL 370 Camo is one of the best-priced crossbows. You do not have to dig too deep into your pockets to acquire a high quality crossbow because CenterPoint Specialist Crossbow XL 370 Camo is right there for you. However, you have to keep in mind that different retailers have different prices.

How It Compares with other Crossbows in the Market

The XL 370 Camo is not the only high performing crossbow on the market because you can find other crossbows that fall into the same category. For instance, the XL 370 Camo is easily comparable to the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543.

While the XL 370 is a bit too costly compared to the SA Sports Fever Crossbow, the two crossbows have similarities that are hard to ignore. For starters, they both have a camo design for enhanced camouflage. Moreover, they have a compact design for easy portability and functionality in the hunting field. That’s not all. Both the XL 370 and the SA Sports Fever come with a scope to improve accuracy and clarity. It is imperative to note, however, that the scope of the XL 370 is comparable to no other in its category when it comes to accuracy.

On the other hand, the SA Sports Fever requires some stringing when it comes to assembly. However, its counterpart, the XL 370, is exceptionally easy to put together. That makes the XL 370 better suited for beginners as compared to the SA. What’s more, the scope of the SA Sports Fever is not as clear as that of its counterpart. This compromises its accuracy, which is not ideal when hunting live targets. The bolts of the XL 370 also have better quality than those of the SA. Overall, we must say that CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Camo takes the day.


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