diamond archery infinite edge pro bow package review

Archery is one of mankind’s most ancient pastimes, and modern technology has created a tool that greatly outperforms all its predecessors. Today’s compound bows possess accuracy, power, durability and handling that our forebears could only imagine.

After decades of major advances in bow technology, the field has matured to a point that new offerings are unlikely to be made obsolete by the next sales cycle. In other words, if you are going to buy a new compound bow, it makes sense to find one you’d like to keep.

Young archers especially need a bow that can grow with them. Taking aim at the prospect, respected manufacturer Bowtech has produced a versatile, adjustable compound bow targeted for youngsters and other beginner-to-intermediate enthusiasts: the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. This bow promises to grow with its user and deliver performance in both target shooting and hunting. One of the strongest quality entrants in the all-around market, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is worth evaluating.

Compound Bow


Draw Weight

Draw Length


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro


5 - 70 lbs. (adjustable)


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

  • Versatile – useful for beginners and intermediate archers, suitable for both recreation and hunting.
  • Highly adjustable - modifiable draw length and draw weight to fit almost anyone.
  • Good value with balance of adequate and high-quality elements.
  • Stylish design – high definition finish with three (3) color choices.
  • ​Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Not extremely quiet – hunters may want to add silencing equipment.
  • The Tundra sight mechanism raises concerns about quality, though it can be replaced.
  • A square grip some find uncomfortable or awkward.
  • Not made exclusively of top quality elements.
  • Compromises made for versatility may not satisfy specialists.
  • Expense – affordability is not this bow's main feature.

Key Features

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is one of the best-selling compound bows on the market in spite of its price tag. Buyers looking for a quality starter bow will want to check some reasons why.

  • Adjustable Draw Length and Draw Weight - Adjustability is one of the Infinite Edge Pro's most important features. This is a utility bow with a wide variable range to fit most people. The draw length can extend to 31 inches, and the draw weight can go from 5lb to 70lb with a simple adjustment using an Allen wrench. This compares to a draw weight of 30lb to 70lb in the close competitor Raptor
  • Beginner-friendly - Made by Diamond Archery as a redesign of their best-selling original Infinite Edge, the Pro is targeted at the newest generation of archers looking for a positive start in the sport. The big design decisions have already been made to deliver an adjustable, comfortable and powerful compound bow: unlike with many flagship models, new buyers can avoid being overwhelmed with choices and expensive mistakes.
  • Smooth Draw Cycle - The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro comes with a redesigned cam system for a smooth draw cycle . The bow has an effective 80% let-off for easier aiming, and a wide valley for ease of use, making this an excellent choice for beginner practice and comfort.
  • Versatile - With basic adjustments the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can be optimized for recreational usage or refitted as a solidly performing hunting bow. Add-on components can adapt this bow for most specialties.
  • Solid Construction & Lifetime Warranty - The well-engineered Infinite Edge Pro features a lifetime warranty … but be aware the warranty is only for bows not purchased online. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is made in America and comes with a good reputation for customer service.

Manufacturer Video

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review

Bowtech is a respected name in compound bow manufacturing, and its quality Diamond Archery brand has taken its own best-selling bow and improved it. Even as an all-around adjustable bow, the versatility and performance remain high across all its settings.


As equipment gains have matured, it’s economical and smart to find a bow you like and want to keep. Diamond Archery has redesigned their best-selling Diamond Infinite Edge into the new Pro model that delivers a bow you can love—but one versatile enough to grow with you.

The Infinite Edge Pro is excellent for a young archer, because it can literally expand as they grow. The draw weight is adjustable from 5 lbs to 70lbs: enough range for almost anyone. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can be a serious game hunting tool, or a bow for your 8-year old daughter to start with. Finally, cam markings and easy adjustment also make this a multi-shooter bow you can share with others.

High Performance for Beginners

Though marketed for youth, the Infinite Edge Pro is a serious bow—not a toy. As part of its overall quality and performance, the Pro features a very beginner-friendly draw cycle.

The dual cam eccentric system produces perfect, straight travel for arrows, with non-aggressive cams that deliver precision draws that peak slowly and smoothly. This friendly start is exactly what the beginning archer needs while working on confidence and form.

There is a minor trade-off of speed to optimize the draw cycle, but it is very slight. The smooth pull remains constant through all settings, and the valley is wide enough to buffer forward “string creep” that often plagues beginning archers.

The Infinite Edge Pro is lightweight at only 3.2 lbs, which is great for both younger and older archers. The light weight is partly due to eliminating vibration/noise dampening accessories; so, while the Pro is adequately quiet, it is not as silent as a fully equipped flagship hunting bow.

Adding to the bow’s comfort and ease of use is almost no hand-shock. The parallel limb construction reduces vibration and looks great too.

Versatile for Recreation and Hunting

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is known for its versatility, and is useful as both for long practice sessions and a quality hunting bow. For basic learning and extensive target practice, the high performance draw and quality design of the Pro make it a solid entry for almost any beginning archer.

However, the ease and adjustability factors do play against specializing in all functions, so you should know the bow’s limitations. The bow was not specifically made as a hunting bow, though it can be used successfully at higher settings. With a 70lb setting, 30-inch draw and suitable arrows, the Pro delivers 310 fps with a 74.7 Kinetic Energy (KE) rating. Technically this is sufficient to bring down Grizzly bears and Cape Buffalo, so there is power available.

One area for improvement could be the noise level of the Pro, because recreational shooting does not require silent operation. Those who need a quieter bow can install additional noise-dampening accessories without resorting to major alterations.

Value for the Price

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is good value, though it is hardly inexpensive for an entry-level compound bow. The Pro has a proven, high-quality design and many high end components, but it does include parts that are only average instead of good. These trade-offs may be reasonable for your purpose, or can be addressed through additional equipment.

The 3-pin Tundra sight is one example of an average part within the better grade of the overall product. It has short fiber optic lines that can hamper low-light shooting. The sight is adequate for beginners and good enough for most, and can be upgraded with increasing skill level.

The Infinite Edge Pro will likely not suit a particular specialty purpose, and so advanced archery enthusiasts are likely to choose a tool more dedicated to their specific performance need. The Pro balances cost with the goal of giving owners an enjoyable, solid bow for a lifetime. Whether the balance is a good mix for your intended use is something to answer yourself.

"How Does it Compare?"

Bowtech, maker of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, also makes the well-regarded Carbon Knight. The Carbon Knight is not adjustable, but it offers much higher performance at 335fps. Though older and harder to find, it can be a good choice for an advanced adult.

The bargain-priced SAS Siege is another popular bow, and one that offers fair quality for much less than the Infinite Edge Pro. It isn’t adjustable or especially beginner-friendly, and the draw weight is limited to 40-55 lbs, but it could be an option for those who aren’t growing and want a bow for light hunting.

It is hard to go wrong with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, especially if you have children interested in archery. You can adjust the settings for different sizes and purposes, and the high quality, comfort and lifetime warranty make this bow suitable for a lifetime of use. Just remember … the final step is to try out your top choices yourself, to make sure it fits your body and preferences.


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