Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit In-Depth Review

One of the common issues we see among beginner bow users is that they don’t really know what to look for or what they need to add to their arsenal. Thankfully, RAPTOR has come up with quite the solution, their RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit. Packed with essentials that every bow hunter needs, it literally eliminates all of the guesswork. Serving it in one convenient package.

Of course you’ll want to see the facts before you dive in head first. That’s understandable, and it’s also why we’ve continued to provide the world with the best bow reviews available.

Compound Bow


Draw Weight

Draw Length


RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit



24.5 - 31"

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

  • Able to be used for both children and adults.
  • Durable metal frame that outlasts the plastic bows.
  • Industry-Leading Customer Support
  • No Bow Press Required - Adjust It Instantly
  • ​Set to max, arrow delivery at 315 feet per second is feasible.

  • If you insist on a variety of accessories, you’ll have to buy them.
  • ​Some reports of the cable pulling out. A known/uncommon defect they’ll fix.
  • Arrows not included in the kit. Must be purchased separately.

Key Features

When it comes to buying a bow, you can’t overlook the technical side of things such as the features that it has to offer. If you do, you’ll never know what you could be missing out on. That’s not to mention whether or not you choose the right bow at the end of the day.

It’s for this reason that all of the key features of the RAPTOR Compound Bow Hunting Kit have been spilled out for you below, in their entirety.

  • Adjustable Draw Length - With most bows, you have to have a Bow Press around to be able to adjust its draw. RAPTOR continues to work hard to make their bow stand out. One of the ways they’ve accomplished this is enabling one to quickly adjust the draw without the need of a bow press. This also makes it highly versatile, suiting bow hunters of just about every age.
  • Best Quality Within Its Price Range - If you look at other bows around the same price, you’ll find they consist of plastic pieces, known to break and quickly ruin one’s day of hunting. It’s good to see RAPTOR change how things are done, embracing construction of aluminum only, no plastic allowed.
  • Stabilization + Suppression = A Quiet Flight - Included in the RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit is a string stabilizer as well as a suppressor. This will help you better utilize it when having to go stealth with it. While most compound bows don’t embrace peace, RAPTOR didn’t let it become forgotten.
  • Guaranteed to Make You Happy - Many bows are sold on an “as is” basis, eliminating the opportunity to cover it under a warranty, RAPTOR proves they have no fear. They have a 30 day guarantee, where they’ll refund your money if you cash in on the warranty before the 30 days are up. There are terms and conditions that must be followed, which can be seen on their site.
  • Retains the Position of Best In Class - We saved the best for last. If you really want to be sure that your choice isn’t one sitting at the bottom of a barrel after all the good ones got picked out, look for this distinguishment. RAPTOR Compound Bow continues to hold its position as the best within its class, proving that it’s a beneficial addition to any bow hunter’s arsenal.

Compound Bow


Draw Weight

Draw Length


RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit



24.5 - 31"

The ULTIMATE RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit Review

You’ve heard us talking away long enough, let’s get to the good stuff.

A Peak Inside the Compound Crossbow Kit

The RAPTOR Compound Crossbow Kit does try to add value to the archery part of your life. In the box that arrives at your door, you’ll find that it includes the following items.

  • 5 Pin Sight w/ Light & Level
  • All-Aluminum RAPTOR Compound Crossbow
  • Loop & Peep Sight Pre-Installed
  • Stabilizer
  • Whisker Biscuit Style Rest

You can probably see by now why we mentioned that it doesn’t offer the best variety of accessories in the kit. It’s built for beginners and intermediate archers. The best way to build your hunting arsenal is to customize it yourself with accessories of your liking anyways.

Bow Design

The design of a bow is everything, because any archer will agree that failure in this area is simply not an option. If a bow fails in terms of design, the odds are that those who are avid bow hunters will choose a bow that excels in the world of design. Let’s look at this RAPTOR Bow.

  • Aluminum Cams & Aluminum Risers Provide Enhanced Durability - The cams and risers are critical components of a bow and relied upon for a smooth experience. Using aluminum is one of their smartest moves yet, making it lightweight but at the same time able to hold up to almost anything (everything has its limits).
  • For an extra layer of strength, this RAPTOR bow flaunts fiberglass limbs - Since the limbs do see quite a bit of action of their own, they’re made them out of fiberglass to give them the perfect blend of flexibility and strength. One of many reasons they continue to be looked at as one of the most durable bows on the market.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for everyone to tote around - Don’t you hate clunky things? Especially clunky bow and arrows. The innovative design of this compound bow has also helped in terms of making it lighter than others. This makes it easier for everyone to be able to carry it around, with or without a sling.
Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow
A Sling Must Be Purchased Necessary If Desired,

Manufactured in the good ole’ United States of America.

Archery is a major American sport, so it only makes sense to be manufactured in the USA as well. On top of that, America’s reputation for quality products makes it easier for RAPTOR to distinguish itself amidst competition, which seems to have been going well.

Repeatedly Proves to Successfully Set the Industry Bar

At the time of writing this compound bow review, RAPTOR’s speed is what helped it win the title “Best In Class.” The test was done using a 350 grain arrow and the bow settings maxed out. It delivered at a staggering speed of 315 FT PER SECOND!

Ease of Use

What’s the point of buying something that’s only going to insert more headaches into your life? There isn’t one and that’s why we’re looking closely at how easy this particular RAPTOR Bow is to use and at what skill levels it has been proven to adapt to.

Easily Adjustable for All Skill Levels, NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED

When many bows will have you looking for that nifty thing called a Bow Press (or anything else remotely like it), this compound bow already solved the problem. Giving its users the ability to easily adjust the bow by hand to dial in the specs for their shot(s).

Hold 17.5 LBS of Pressure & Be Able to Apply As Much As 70 LBS

This is one of the most favored benefits of a compound bow. The ability to pack one hell of a shot with as little effort possible. You only have to hold a measly seventeen and a half pounds to exert more than 70 pounds of pressure on the arrow.

Your Complete Setup, Ready Right Out the Box

You know how some bows come in pieces that are dang there impossible to figure out? If not, just think of getting a living room set in the mail and how many pieces it comes with. Not to mention, having to figure it out when the instructions written in a foreign language make no sense at all. Fear no more, RAPTOR already set it up for you!

Noise & Vibrations

When you fire your first arrow with the RAPTOR Compound Bow, you’ll be delighted to find that it’s a highly accurate and a smooth experience. This is thanks to its advanced design that’s refined by some of the industry’s finest bow experts over many years. In light of taking it to the limit, it comes with what’s needed to embrace stabilization and noise suppression capabilities.

RAPTOR Support / Customer Service

You can see their exact support details on their website, but with shipping and things of that nature, you’ll probably be dealing with someone like Amazon. Which by the way, Amazon has continued to provide the best prices and shipping options available on this specific bow.

Value Analysis

This is a great value if you’re trying to get back into shooting a bow, or if you’re brand-new to the world of bow hunting. For the price, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a bow that’s as durable as the one contained in the RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit. Bottom line.

However, avid bow hunters and users may find a more enhanced bow might be to their liking. This is a basic bow is not intended for heavy usage requiring a little more of a punch.

Warranty / Satisfaction Guarantee

They have a simple 30 day moneyback guarantee that they’ll stand behind as long as you’re in compliance with the terms and conditions located on their website. For exact return procedures, it would be best to reach out to them via phone or email to ensure the best response possible.

RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit Rundown

This is definitely one of the better compound bow kit for beginners as well as those who just want a bow in order to get their archery game back on. For the price it may be hard to find anything close to the quality being offered by RAPTOR. Being one of the most lightweight bows of its kind is just icing on the cake, making it an even sweeter purchase.

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  1. Great review and it is a VERY nice bow. My only complaint is the Raptor does not come in a version without the accessories. A bow in this price range, I want to get my own accessories and not have a bunch of parts I will never use lying around. For that reason I went with the Kingfisher, but really wanted that carbon fiber look. If some day they choose to sell it without accessories, I will jump on the opportunity as I know the Kingfisher is a great bow and easily switched over to bow fishing in the summer.


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