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There is no avoiding the fact that an archer needs a quiver to carry arrows. Providing it can carry enough arrows to give you several opportunities for a good shot without running out of ammo, you need to make sure you find a quiver that will hold your arrows securely so they don’t fall out or get damaged. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best bow quiver and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Our Top 5 Best Bow Quivers for 2018 (in order)

Throughout history, a bow quiver was made for three hunting situations:

  • Made specifically for the ground, the quiver was used by a hunter who remained stationary while firing an arrow to his target or enemies.
  • Made specifically to be carried on the bow.
  • Made specifically to be carried on the archer’s body.

These days, a bow quiver is often carried across the body with the quiver resting on the archer’s back. There are also quivers that are attached right to the bow. Compound hunters most frequently carry bow quivers on their body so they remain undistracted while aiming and also allows them to shot in quick successions with the ability to easily pull out arrows.

Typically, quivers were made of cloth or leather so you can easily carry it on your body. These days, quivers are also made of plastic and metal.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Bow Quiver

Make sure you find a bow quiver that is durable and rugged enough to withstand the harsh elements you will be hunting in. Next, make sure your quiver doesn’t fall off your bow and stays attached as you are actively hunting.

Also, you should be able to attach the quiver to either a left or right-handed bow. And, it should be able to carry a good number of arrows so you won’t run out while on the hunt. It should also be lightweight so you can carry it around easily, and it should allow you to custom fit it to your bow allowing you use it however you need.

Number of Arrows

You should carry as many as you need. Depending on what you plan to do when you get to your hunting spot and what you plan to hunt, you need to plan on carrying as many arrows as are necessary. If you are going to be somewhere where there aren’t a lot of game to shoot at or shot opportunities. If you know you will have a lot of targets, then you need to bring more arrows or need extra for a test or finishing shots.

It’s important to have a spare arrow since in some states you can’t shoot animals with a gun that aren’t dead if you find them. You may also want to test your set up and need a throwaway arrow before you start to hunt. Make sure to think about any extra activity as you decide on how many arrows you will need which will usually be between four and six.

Types of bow quivers

  • A permanent quiver is also known as a two-part quivers because they have two main parts. There is an arrow gripper that is attached to your bow that holds the arrow’s shaft in place when you aren’t using them. There is also a hood that covers the arrowheads that are mounted onto the bow’s riser.
  • A detachable bow quiver is easier to remove and is also known as a one-piece quiver. These quivers are not permanent.

Your hunting style will indicate which style is preferable since two-piece quivers are used by those that prefer the convenience and permanent quivers are used by those hunters that stalk and track they prey. One-piece quivers are preferred by stand hunters who spend most of their time in tree stands or blinds who like the ability to take the quiver off if it gets in their way in such a small space.

Traditional Quivers

Many arches love the look of a traditional- looking quiver. These include both side and back traditional quivers that are safe to use and give you a traditional feel when you use them. These quivers do not have tubes inside so there is a risk of damage if you have your arrows arranged poorly inside.

Bow Quivers

Most popular for crossbow users, bow quivers are mounted right onto your bow. They give the archer the added benefit of not have to adjust your movements because the bow is getting in the way of a shot. But it is necessary to adjust the quiver’s placement and weight on the bow itself. Since the arrow is very near, you also have the advantage of being able to alter your next quick shot, but since it only holds a few arrows, you need to have another quiver to use alongside it.

Hip or Side Quivers

Worn on the archer’s hip, hip quivers are not attached to the bow. Popular for tournament shooters, this style is convenient when you need to draw arrows quickly. It is also preferred by some spot and stalk hunters.

Available in several styles, hip quivers were designed to be used on the side of the archer’s dominant hand although some are worn on the other side. They can be angled to tilt the fletch end of the arrow forward or back, and this type of style makes it easy for archers to find a type of hip quiver which will suit them well.

A side quiver will never cause you to be distracted when you are using them, and they never get in the archer’s way. A side quiver can be placed on the right or left side for convenience, and it has tubes that align inside to make sure the arrows are arranged properly inside it so removal and use are easy.

Back Quivers

Often represented as the main type of quiver, back quivers are not often preferred by bow hunters. Similar to a backpack, back quivers often uses a chest strap allowing for a larger sized quiver which often has the advantages of more compartments for extra gear which is great for afternoon or morning hunting.

If you plan to camp overnight or for a couple of days, back quivers are not as practical when you need to carry additional gear on your back.

Back quivers also can require more practice and adjustment for an archer to be able to reach and draw arrows easily. You can carry several arrows at once with this quiver, and it tends to be more comfortable since you are carrying it on your back. This is also a quiver that can be used by either a right or left-handed user.

Tube Quivers

Distinguished by its shape and not how it is mounted, a tube quiver is a tube shape that has a circular opening. They are cylindrical and can have somewhat flexible or hard sides, and they come in both hip and back quiver styles.

Best Bow Quiver Reviews

1. LimbSaver Silent Quiver

LimbSaver Silent Quiver

If you are looking for the best in vibration dampening, the LimbSaver Silent Quiver has a capacity of five-arrows and uses novacom which is a material that dampens vibrations and stops sounds if you should break the shot. Available in six patterns, the LimbSaver includes all the major camouflage patterns as well as a carbon fiber design. This large quiver also features brackets that you can spread far apart in case you use long arrows and have a draw length that is longer so you can get the grip as far away as possible.

This lightweight quiver still retains the sturdiness of its bulkier and heavier competitors. The LimbSaver also includes an elegant design that doesn’t get in the way when you use your bow and is hardly noticeable once it is on. This creative low-profile design also includes the double Navom technology rubber grippers that will dampen vibration and any unwanted noise, plus their universal design fits both expandable and fixed broadheads and shaft sizes with a wide spectrum.

With a very effective vibration and noise-dampening system, the LimbSaver Silent Quiver is a popular choice for law enforcement, military, and outdoor enthusiasts. Also featured on the Silent Quiver are a shaft gripper, machine-in holes for looping cords for hanging, and a quick disconnect system that is easy to access and operate with a thumb release. This is a durable and sturdy quiver that was built for use outdoors in harsh environments.

  • Vibration and noise free
  • Can hold five arrows and is available in six different patterns
  • Uses the proprietary novacom material
  • A little on the large side
  • Not as sturdy as its competitors

2. Apex Gear Changer Quiver

Apex Gear Changer QuiverApex Gear Changer Quiver

Coming in as a game changer, Apex Gear features innovative equipment in a five-arrow quiver which has the look of science fiction. The Apex Gear is a different bow quiver that has a clamp that is designed for use on the back of the bow sight and comes with a TRU TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. This allows you to align the quiver’s center to the bow sight to keep the center of gravity in direct line with your hand so you can shoot multi-pin sites. It is also easier to hold the bow upright since this bow quiver is great at balancing added weight that can be bulky and heavy.
With a quick detach lever, you can easily pull out a bow as soon as you rest in your tree stand. It also comes with a tree stand hawk that is detachable and can be secured to a tree. The bracket design in the quiver that holds your arrows is a little bulky but is very secure and keeps them from vibrating. This compact and lightweight quiver also comes with a contrasting color rubber hood liner that won’t dull your broadheads and makes it easier to load your arrows.
The foam free quiver also has a Cam-Lock that has tension that is adjustable so you can move it closer against the bow reducing torque while providing better balance. Plus, this adjustability lets you mount the quiver behind the sight, and the adjustable mounting bracket lets you move it up or down to get a better fit. The Apex Gear fits both right and left-handed bows and comes with a hanging loop for ground blinds and tree stands.

  • You can mount it behind the bow sight
  • Doesn’t have any vibrations
  • Comes with a rubber hood and is fully adjustable
  • A little heavy and large for some users
  • Can hold the arrows too tight

3. Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Quiver

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Quiver

Makers of most accessories for bow hunting that you will find on the market, Trophy Ridge makes quivers, broadheads, and bows. One of their newer quivers, the Lite-1 is a five-arrow quiver that sits in a configuration that is upright and has dual arrow grippers for either mechanical or fixed broadheads. Available in two colors, this quiver includes many features you don’t normally find in quivers, plus it is completely adjustable both horizontally and upright.

The Lite-1 is very versatile allowing you to move the quiver’s height down and up to fit your preferences or so you can accommodate any extra accessories. You can also set the angle of your quiver to the right or left to give yourself a very natural draw or weight distribution. Plus, it includes LEDs in a rubber hood illuminates your arrows allowing you to see them as you are pulling them out, and you can also use the LEDs to light up the bow sight’s fiber optics if you position it just right.

The Lite-1 is a nice-quality and creative way to transport your arrows when you are out hunting. With all its new features, this lightweight quiver is a deadly partner to have with you when you are on the hunt. With Ballistix CoPolymer construction, the Lite-1 includes a braided hanging rope for a detached quiver or bow, plus it has a mounting bracket that is customizable so it fits the quiver lower or higher on the bow.

  • Great value for the price
  • Full adjustable and is available in two different colors
  • Comes with LED lights for convenient illumination
  • A little on the bulky side
  • Slightly heavy for some users

4. Tight Spot Quiver

Tight Spot Quiver

For a high-quality quiver, check out the Tight Spot Quiver that features a low-profile design that lets you carry your arrows near the line of your bow. You can purchase it in either a right or left-handed model in either camouflage or black colors. Since this quiver will keep the riser and the ball away from each other as well as the site of the bow, this is a great quiver for shooting from a tree stand or close shots where you have a limited field of view because of vegetation.

Arrows are held securely with clips that will also angle in your broadheads so you will have them close and also eliminates the problem of dropped or lost arrows. With a quiet performance, this quiver gives you a small impression on your bow and the centerline will have more mass making it easier to get shots on target. Plus, the RightSpot adjustment system allows you to move the Tight Spot tight to your bow and getting rid of torque that can affect your accuracy.

You also have better performance when you use heavier and longer arrows as the quiver will balance the heaviest portion, the Broadhead. You will notice that the quiver is very long and a tad bit bulky in its length but is very compact in its width and also acts as a stabilizer to give you more accurate shooting. This super quiet quiver is one of the best choices for those looking for the best performance in quiver technology with its easy to use, lightweight, and durable design.

  • Holds arrows securely
  • Features a long bracket
  • Very quiet and good for close shots
  • A little on the bulky side and expensive
  • Not as durable as its competitors

5. Bear Archery Deluxe Quiver

Bear Archery Deluxe Quiver

If you are looking for a quiver for traditional style archery, the Bear Archery Deluxe Quiver is a great option that also carries a bunch of arrows for practice. Since it doesn’t clamp each arrow with a separate clip, this quiver can carry more than a dozen arrows so that they rest on your shoulder comfortably. It also features full leather construction including a plastic insert axis that is durable and will securely hold arrows inside a pouch.

Designed to keep you organized and comfortable, the Bear Archery Deluxe Quiver also allows you to easily reach your arrows, and its 22-inch depth can accommodate any size arrow. It also comes with a compartment that is divided allowing you to keep arrows separately. You can ensure the best fit and most comfort with the adjustable three-point front harness and you can keep your extra gear in the large zippered compartment for accessories.

A perfect companion for the traditional archer, just sling it over your shoulder so it won’t interfere with your shooting. This quiver should only be used as a train quiver so do not carry broadheads in it as placing broadheads in the cup will make them bang together damaging them. This high-quality stitched leather quiver has a nice finish and is a great way for anyone to carry arrows to practice.

  • Will carry a lot of arrows
  • Is perfect for practicing
  • Has an additional zippered pocket
  • Requires maintenance and can be cut by broadheads
  • Can dull a broadhead

The winner of the best quiver roundup is the LimbSaver Silent Quiver. It has the best in vibration dampening with a five-arrow capacity. It uses novacom which is a material that dampens vibrations and stops sounds if you should break the shot and comes in six patterns as well as a carbon fiber design. You also get brackets that you can spread far apart in case you use long arrows and have a draw length that is longer draw so you can get the grip as far away as possible.

This lightweight quiver has a sturdy and elegant design that doesn’t get in the way when you use your bow and is hardly noticeable once it is on. This creative low-profile design also includes the double Navom technology rubber grippers that will dampen vibration and any unwanted noise, plus their universal design fits both expandable and fixed broadheads and shaft sizes with a wide spectrum. The definite winner of the best quiver roundup is LimbSaver Silent Quiver hands down.

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