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One of the simplest and oldest survival tools for defense and hunting is the slingshot. Differentiated from a sling, which is what David used to kill Goliath, a slingshot is more accurately a form of catapult. Designed to be held in the hand, a slingshot propels a hard projectile at its target in order to cause damage or kill.

Hunting slingshots are designed to provide enough velocity and force to a projectile to kill game animals. In this article, we’re going to examine some of the main attributes and characteristics of hunting slingshots, their best use, their benefits, how to choose the right one for your purposes, and then we’ll review five of the best hunting slingshots available.

How do you choose a hunting slingshot?

A hunting slingshot requires several characteristics which set it apart from a toy. Where a toy might be fun to play with for target practice, a hunting slingshot has a deadlier objective and needs to be more accurate. You need to keep several concepts and questions in mind when you are choosing a hunting slingshot.

  • Power. Is there enough tension in the elastic band or bands to provide the force needed to kill the game you’re hunting?
  • Accuracy. Do the various components that make up the slingshot work to enhance accuracy?
  • Stability. Is the construction material of the slingshot stable enough to support both power and accuracy when it is being used?
  • Maintenance. Can you easily find replacement parts and easily maintain the quality of the slingshot?

With these concepts and questions in mind, you will be able to do a better job of analyzing the quality or suitability of a particular hunting slingshot to fit your needs.

What characteristics differentiate these products from each other?

The characteristics which differentiate one hunting slingshot from another are related to the various construction materials and designs related to the three basic parts of a slingshot. Those attributes contribute to improving one, several or all of the concepts we listed above.

  • The Frame. The frame includes the handle and the bow or forks of the slingshot. Variations in the handle design, the addition of an arm support for leverage, the band attachment points and additional components that are added to the frame make each type of slingshot unique.
  • The Sling or Bands. The construction material, strength and number of bands, how they are attached to both the frame and pouch, and how easy they are to maintain are other distinguishing factors from one slingshot to another.
  • The Pouch. The construction material of the pouch, its design and how it is attached to the bands is a third factor in separating slingshot types or models from each other.

These variations can make a difference in your personal choice of a slingshot as well as how well it performs when you are hunting.

What are the benefits of a hunting slingshot?

Many consider a slingshot to be the last resort for hunting in a survival situation. Though its simplicity makes it a viable survival weapon, it doesn’t have to be a last resort. Learning to become proficient in the use of a slingshot can make a difference as to whether or not you eat in a survival situation as well.

The use of a slingshot does not require a major learning curve to get started. Being accurate enough with it in order to hunt game requires a lot of practice, not unlike hunting with any other type of weapon, including bows and firearms.

Though the shape and quality of the projectile used in a hunting slingshot improves accuracy and kill force, material for projectiles is usually easy to find or make. That is one of the major advantages it has over firearms or archery, which both require the making or manufacture of specialized projectiles.

Stealth is another benefit of hunting with a slingshot. Where the noise of the explosion of a firearm might spook game when you miss, a slingshot often allows you additional tries at making a kill.

Slingshots are safer. Other than getting a welt from accidently snapping yourself with the band, there really aren’t many ways to hurt yourself with a slingshot.

Economics is also a benefit of using a hunting slingshot. They are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Even purchased projectiles are less expensive by an enormous factor when considered next to firearms and archery equipment.

What is the best way to use a hunting slingshot?

Using a slingshot for game larger than a raccoon really isn’t really an option. Larger game don’t typically allow the hunter to approach within the best range for a slingshot and the projectile from a slingshot probably won’t penetrate the animal’s hide.

A hunting slingshot is really designed for hunting small game from a range inside of 30 yards and with optimum range being closer to between 15 and 20 yards. At greater ranges, the tendency of a slingshot is to stun or wound and not kill.

The shape, weight and hardness of the projectile used with a slingshot greatly increases its accuracy. Steel balls or shot tend to work the best followed by geometrically shaped projectiles like unseated bullets, washers or nuts from a bolt. Smoother rocks and stones tend to work better than rough or ill-shaped stones as well.

It is best to practice with the same projectiles you tend to use for hunting in order to better gauge your aiming adjustments when it comes to the actual moment to bag game.

What are the prerequisites for using a hunting slingshot?

Other than the slingshot and projectiles, there really aren’t any prerequisites for using a hunting slingshot. Learning how to maintain and use your slingshot are really the only two elements in using a slingshot. There are no special licensing requirements or certifications necessary for owning and using a slingshot, and they are legal in most places.

Certainly common sense concerning who or what you are shooting at is something to be considered. Knowing who or what might be harmed beyond your target if you miss should also be of major concern when using a slingshot.

Understand that hunting small game using any weapon requires a license in most states and you need to follow those guidelines and regulations necessary for obtaining a license before you hunt.

Our Best 5 Hunting Sling Shots Reviews

1. MoreFarther Professional Adjustable Hunting Steel Slingshot

MoreFarther Professional Adjustable Hunting Steel Slingshot

If you’re looking for a serious hunting weapon, then you really don’t have to look much further than the MoreFarther Professional Adjustable Slingshot. The ergonomic and functional design of this slingshot features a similar feel to the grip on top of the line compound and recurve bows. A better grip helps make you more accurate.

More accuracy loaded into the design of this slingshot is the foldable wrist support, which helps you hold the slingshot steady as you take aim. You can fold it away when you’re not using it for easy storage. There is one more feature on the wrist support that you are going to love. It’s magnetic, which means you can put your ammo right on your wrist for quick access.

The wrist support feature also allows you a little bit more leverage to obtain a full draw on the triple, tubular, rubber sling and soft leather pouch. That full draw means more killing power at a greater distance as well as more accuracy. You don’t have to use all three bands at the same time; that’s the adjustable feature of this slingshot. The card slot design where the sling attaches to the bow allows you to use this slingshot with 1, 2 or all 3 bands.

The MoreFarther Pro doesn’t stop with those features. It can also be set up with a bracket to hold a flashlight or laser in order to hunt at night.

This broad range of features all add up to a powerful and seriously functional hunting slingshot and you can purchase it for under $40, which isn’t a bad price for a slingshot with all the bells and whistles.

  • Fold-up wrist brace for leverage.
  • Professional grade steel and materials.
  • Ease of access to ammo.
  • Adjustable bands.
  • Flashlight and laser mounting
  • Not a bad price.
  • You’ll have to buy ammo more often from shooting it up so fast.

2. Yusylvia (TM) Stainless Powerful High Velocity Outdoor Athletics Hunting Catapolt Sling Shot

Yusylvia(TM)Stainless Powerful High Velocity Outdoor Athletics Hunting Catapolt Sling Shot

It’s arguable that there isn’t a nicer looking slingshot on the market than the Yusylvia. Its beauty doesn’t end with its look, because this is a powerful hunting slingshot designed for both hunting and competitive sports. This unit also features a folding wrist support and a triple band sling to provide the power and accuracy you need in a hunting slingshot.

The frame is beautifully designed with an attractive, wooden grip, which follows a similar design to the best recurve hunting bows. The advantage of a wooden grip is that it just feels more natural in your hand.

The forks or bow of this unit are plenty wide to proved leverage and are formed out of die-cast aluminum to make them durable, but light-weight. The forks also feature a sighting notch and pin on each side of the bow in order to help you get a more accurate fix on your target.

The wrist support on this unit also increases the potential power and accuracy of your shot by giving you more leverage on a full draw. The portion of this support that goes over your wrist is made of soft, durable leather, which adds to the comfort of using this slingshot. It also folds up so that this slingshot can be easily slipped into a pocket or stored in a small place.

The Yusylvia features three high-quality, tubular rubber bands for its sling, which can easily be removed or replaced in the bow to adjust the band tension or to perform maintenance. Both the leather pouch and the sling are designed to stand up to the worst possible conditions and keep on performing as expected.

Attractive, powerful, accurate and comfortable are four words that fit this slingshot well. You can take the Yusylvia out into the field on your next hunt or onto the competitive shooting course for under $30.

  • High quality and durable construction materials.
  • Simple recurve design grip.
  • Powerful triple-band sling.
  • Decent price.
  • Flashlight and laser mounting
  • Some users complained about the rough finish of the die-cast portion of the frame.

3. Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel - BONLEX

Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel - BONLEX

The Bonlex Pocket Hunting slingshot has the more traditional appearance of the traditional slingshot, but is fashioned out of stainless steel instead of wood. Stuffing it in your back pocket, the way you did with those traditional slingshots is a great feature of this slingshot.

In an upgrade of the traditional wood design, the stainless steel frame of this slingshot is extremely durable. The grip is wrapped in nylon paracord so that the slingshot will stay properly fixed in your hand. The shorter grip is by design. Because it does not utilize a wrist support for stability, it is essential that this slingshot functions like an integral part of your hand with your thumb and forefinger supporting your draw on the lower portion of the forks.

The forks on the Bonlex are designed with a unique band mounting construction that allows for quick and easy maintenance or changing out the bands. It also provides two separate mounting locations for the bands. An added feature not on your traditional, wooden slingshot are the three sighting points in the bottom curve of the fork and on each of the outer edges, which will lend better accuracy when you’re in the field.

Two different types of bands come with this slingshot. Each are made of high-quality, tubular rubber and are different strengths for increasing or decreasing the tension, as well as power, of your draw. The soft, leather pouch is perfectly designed for the best types of ammo and the most comfort when in use.

When you look at the simplicity of this slingshot, $40 seems a little bit steep, but keep in mind that the durability of the stainless steel frame and the precision craftsmanship add significantly to its value. Also note that its smaller size is a purposeful design feature of this style of slingshot, which is meant to be utilized differently than those with a wrist support.

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Built in three point sighting.
  • Simple but powerful.
  • Easily tucked away in your back pocket.
  • A little pricey, but it is made of quality materials.

4. Sino Art High Velocity Adjustable Stainless Rocket Slingshot

Sino Art High Velocity Adjustable Stainless Rocket Slingshot

This unit has the power and stability necessary to function as a hunting slingshot. The adjustment feature of the Sino Art High Velocity slingshot is its major selling point. It is designed and tested for maximum durability necessary in the worst of conditions.

By being able to adjust the location of the handle relative to the wrist support, you gain a great deal of comfort for using this slingshot. The adjustment is simple. You simply loosen the screw at the top of the bracket, slide the frame into the position that is most comfortable for you, and then tighten the screw to maintain that setting.

Besides being adjustable, the Sino Art’s steel frame features an ergonomic, molded, non-slip grip so that you can get a good hold on your slingshot and keep it steady when it comes time to shoot. The frame has extra wide forks also help lend power to the functionality of this unit.

New and innovative, high quality tubular bands make up the sling of this slingshot. The bands are some of the most powerful available and will give you the distance and strength necessary to bring down your game.

The Sino Art High Velocity slingshot is a durable and reliable hunting weapon. You can have it in your hand the next time you go out into the field to hunt for under $20. That’s not the last of the features and benefits of this slingshot. If you don’t like how this slingshot performs, you can send it back for a refund using their no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

  • Adjustable fit for accuracy and comfort.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • High powered.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • ​Budget priced.
  • The adjustment point is a potential problem waiting to happen if the screw is not tightened properly or the bracket is damaged.

5. Beeman Laserhawk Folding Slingshot and Ammo Kit

Beeman Laserhawk Folding Slingshot and Ammo Kit

If you had a slingshot or “wrist-rocket” forty years ago, it probably didn’t differ a great deal from the Beeman Laserhawk Folding slingshot. This style of heavy-duty steel rod slingshot has been on the market for several decades and is a trusted standby. This is a great starter slingshot for hunters of all ages.

The frame on the Laserhawk is made of heavy-duty steel rod which extends through the plastic, molded grip to give you durability and stability; both important for accuracy and velocity. The forks are a simple “vee” design on a narrow footprint.

The wrist support on this unit is made of the same, heavy-duty steel rod as the rest of the frame and hinges on the lower portion of the grip. The wrist support provides leverage for obtaining a full draw on the sling and helps you hold steady on your target. The portion, which fits over your arm, is made of vinyl for greater comfort. The support folds up so that you can put the slingshot in your back pocket or slide it into a tight hiding place.

The heavy-duty, tubular rubber bands that make up the sling on the Laserhawk have just enough tension to deliver enough killing power for bringing down small game, but aren’t quite equal to the higher end slingshots.

Besides the simple, durable features of this unit, you also get 200 pieces of 30 caliber steel shot to get you started off using your slingshot with greater accuracy. This unit can also be purchased and taken into the field for under $20.

  • Folding wrist brace.
  • Economically priced.
  • Ammo comes with the package to start you right.
  • ​The vinyl wrist support is a little cheap.
  • ​Accuracy issues in the way the grip is mounted.
  • ​Sling tension is a little weak.


When it comes down to a clear winner in the group of slingshots that we’ve reviewed, the nod goes to the MoreFarther Professional Adjustable Hunting Steel Slingshot. Though you’ll spend a little bit more money for this unit, you’re getting better value for your dollar. Here’s why:

  • The durability and stability of the frame.
  • The molded, recurve grip and the wrist support provide greater accuracy and improve power.
  • ​The adjustable bands allow you greater control over the amount of power you need in various situations.
  • ​The card slot design of the band attachment makes replacing and maintaining this slingshot easy to accomplish.
  • ​The added extras of a magnetic wrist support for quicker access to your ammo and the ability to attach a flashlight or laser to the bottom of the frame push it over the top.

Remember that when you are using a slingshot for hunting, accuracy and killing power are essential elements for bringing home your game. Knowing how to use your slingshot properly and maintain it so that it performs at its best are also important aspects of your hunting success.

Don’t wait for a survival situation to become proficient with a slingshot. With the knowledge you’ve gained from this article you can make an informed purchase of your favorite slingshot now and enjoy the benefits of small game hunting. If you have questions or comments, or would like to add to our list, be sure to add them in the section below.

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